XIAMETER™ OFX-5211 Fluid - Technical Grade -

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XIAMETER™ OFX-5211 Fluid is a low molecular weight nonionic silicone polyether surfactant. Performance enhancer that provides rapid spreading and wetting of agricultural chemicals. Especially in water-soluble broadleaf herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators. Highly efficient silicone glycol copolymer wetting agent for synthetic leathers. Also used in glass cleaning in Home Care and Household besides Industrial and Institutional applications to help with the water sheeting and antifog effect to leave a spotless surface. It can provide a long last anti-rain and anti-fog effect on glasses and mirrors depending on the formulation structure. Benefits include: Very low surface energy in agricultural chemicals, Low surface energy in leathers, Rapid spreading and wetting for agricultural chemicals, Highly efficient wetting agent for leathers Use below 1% for leathers
Package Type Pail
Product No. 85573
Synonyms Silicone Wetting Agent
Applications Silicone Wetting Agent


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Prohibited Uses
This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical uses. Not intended for human injection. Not for use in cannabis related applications. For further information please refer to Dow's product safety page https://www.dow.com/en-us/support/product-safety.html

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