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Borogard® ZB Zinc Borate (All Grades) in Bulk, IBCs or Small Bags

Borate preservative for wood composites and flame retardant protection for polymers

For more than 15 years, Borogard® ZB has successfully protected wood-plastic compounds (WPCs) against rot and decay, inhibited mold, and enhanced UV light stabilization. Its biostatic properties, low cost, and excellent safety attributes make Borogard® ZB the leading preservative treatment available.


Independent laboratory and field studies carried out by universities and government-testing facilities have shown that WPCs treated with Borogard® ZB resist the ravages of a range of wood-destroying organisms in aboveground uses, including:

  • Decay-resistant siding, roofing, and millwork
  • Termite-resistant sheathing and subflooring
  • Commodities for export to high-decay-hazard regions


Borogard® ZB is a white, odorless, powder. A completely reacted zinc borate distributed homogenously throughout the WPC. When stored under normal conditions of temperature and humidity, Borogard® ZB is chemically stable and shows no tendency to cake.


  • Fine Borogard® ZB Zinc Borate
  • Granular Borogard® ZB Zinc Borate

Sizes available

  • Multi-wall paper bags with a polyethylene moisture-resistant film barrier, 50 pounds (22.7 kg) net and 55 pounds (25 kg) net
  • Superbags with polyethylene liner, 2500 pounds (1134 kg) net


  • Wood protection and biocides