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Alfol® C6 – C20+ Synthetic Alcohols

Univar Solutions offers Alfol alcohol homologs

Alfol alcohol homologs exhibit very high purity and linearity, making them ideally suited as reagents and intermediates for the manufacturing of many derivatives including ethoxylates, esters, amines, acetals, thiols, aldehydes, phthalates, and acrylates and used directly in numerous applications.    

Through our expanded relationship with Sasol, we offer the complete line of Alfol alcohols. These domestically manufactured, petrochemical-based primary alcohol homologs from the Ziegler process have even number carbon chains that range from C6 to C20+. As a result, Alfol alcohol derivatives are biodegradable and are physically and chemically equivalent to alcohols made from such oleochemical sources as coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Alfol alcohols are available in various purities, as well as blends and single cuts.

Alfol alcohols undergo all the chemical reactions typical of primary alcohols. These include esterifications, ethoxylation, sulfation, oxidation, and many others. Consistently, high product yields are obtained with the Alfol alcohols due to their purity and linearity.

These versatile alcohols can be used in plastic additives, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, water evaporation retardants, defoamers for the paper industry, pour point depressants for crude oil, additives for the leather and textiles industries, flotation aid, detergents and cleaners, metal processing, agrochemicals, flavors, fragrances, paints, inks, coatings, and adhesives.  



  • Petrochemical based
  • Biodegradable
  • High purity and linearity
  • Even-numbered carbon chains
  • Physically and chemically equivalent to oleochemical based fatty alcohols
  • Colorless liquid, white solid under ambient conditions
  • Available in blends and single cuts
  • Domestically produced in Lake Charles, LA  


  • Technical
  • NF

Sizes available

  • Bulk railcar
  • Bulk tank truck
  • Totes (IBC)- 2000 lbs
  • Drums - 400 lbs
  • Bags - 50 lbs
  • Pails

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Plastic additives

Linear plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, polymerization auxiliaries

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Skin care, hair care, toiletries, color cosmetics, perfumes, and fragrances  

Detergents and cleaners

Detergents, powders, liquid detergents, cleaners, laundry softeners

Metal processing

 Coupling agents, aluminum rolling oils, hydraulic oils, metal working fluids

Paints, inks, coatings, adhesives

Coupling aids, wetting aids, levelling aids, digital printing inks, surface modifiers

Additives for leather and textiles

Fiber finishes, spin preparation, wetting aids, levelling aids, softeners


 Pour point depressants, flow modifiers


Adjuvants, wetting aids

Paper industry


Univar Solutions is the premier global distributor 

  • Vast network of 120+ wholly owned facilities in North America, with bulk tank, rail car, blending, and packaging infrastructure supplying over 9,000 products and chemistries
  • Efficient private fleet with dedicated drivers servicing local regions
  • Partnership with world-class suppliers offering various manufacturing sites and production processes
  • Experienced sales force with broad product and market knowledge
  • Technical services including custom formulas and special blending

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