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BAXXODUR® line of curatives, including polyetheramines and IPDA from BASF

The advantages of BASF’s Baxxodur®  products are featured in many applications - as highly efficient curing agents in various coating applications and sealing compounds, such as polyurea, castings, adhesives, and epoxy systems.

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  • Good tough­ness, good flexibility, excellent adhesion, impact resistance
  • High strength, high tempera­ture resistance, good moisture resistance
  • Increased flexibility and toughness in epoxies
  • Increased peel strength in adhesives
  • Blush reduction
  • Anti-sag in polyurethanes
  • Improved hydrophobicity

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Available Products

Product NameChemistryCAS #
BAXXODUR® EC 201Isophorone diamene (IPDA) 285-13-2
BAXXODUR® EC 301PPG based polyetheramine with MW of 2309046-10-0
BAXXODUR® EC 302PPG based polyetheramine with MW of 4009046-10-0
BAXXODUR® EC 303PPG based polyetheramine with MW of 20009046-10-0
BAXXODUR® EC 310PPG based triamine with a MW of 44039423-51-3
BAXXODUR® EC 311PPG based triamine with the MW of 500064852-22-8


Coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers

Curatives for epoxy and polyurea systems


Univar Solutions is the premier polyetheramines distributor in the USA and Canada

  • Vast network of 150+ wholly owned facilities with bulk tank, rail car, blending and packaging infrastructure
  • Efficient private fleet with dedicated drivers servicing local regions
  • Partnership with world class suppliers, such as BASF
  • Experienced sales force with broad product and market knowledge