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Clean Excipient Solutions

Simple. Transparent. Sustainable.


"Clean label” has become a staple in the industry. The principle is built on the consumer’s desire to live a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Mintel reports shows that 30% of US adults are looking for products with fewer ingredients and more familiar ingredients. A staggering 74% are looking for more transparency.1,2 This request for increased visibility creates a need to meet evolving ethical, social and environmental standards with identifiable ingredients, thereby carving a clear pathway forward in the market. Clean label sets the stage for simple, transparent and sustainable products.

We have created a guide to help you reach the market quickly with simple ingredient declarations to meet consumer demands. Connect with our nutraceutical experts to learn how to formulate your next product with solution-based ingredients.

  2. Mintel Report. May 2020. A YEAR OF INNOVATION IN VMS, 2020.




Delivery Systems

These multifunctional excipients create simple and recognizable ingredient declarations. Their high performance and uniformity streamline the formulation to market process while taking into consideration a company’s environmental and social responsibilities.


  • NutraTab® — by Innophos
  • A-Tab MD® — by Innophos
  • SENDS™ — by ABITEC
  • XactSet™ PRO & PLUS — by Nitta Gelatin
  • Unipectin™ — by Cargill
  • Advantol 300® — by SPI Pharma
  • Effersoda® — by SPI Pharma
  • Pharmaburst® — by SPI Pharma
  • Pharmasperse® — by SPI Pharma
  • Vitasmooth® — by SPI Pharma




Directly Compressible Sweeteners

These directly compressible sweeteners provide superior organoleptic properties.


  • Mannogem® — by SPI Pharma
  • Advantose® FS 95 — by SPI Pharma
  • Advantose® 100 — by SPI Pharma
  • Compressol® SM — by SPI Pharma




Multi-functional Carriers

These carriers will add nutritional value to your product while helping reduce less desirable ingredients.



  • Captex® & Nutri Sperse® — by ABITEC
  • SIPAL® and NATU® — Meurens Natural




Antioxidants, Anti-Caking & More



  • ACE+ — by CAIF
  • Licrezz™ — by ICL
  • Natural Vitamin E
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Green Tea Extract





Replacement Solutions

These unique ingredients allow you to offer clean solutions by replacing less desirable components with friendly materials.


  • Citrus Fiber — by Ingredients by Nature
  • Trimagnesium Citrate — by Jungbunzlauer
  • Natural Colours — Sensient Colors

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