Whether you’re making deep colored reds, fresh floral whites or soft rosés, enzymes can help. These strategic process aids deliver higher quality wine, easier processing, lower manufacturing costs and increased profits—resulting in a better experience for all.

As a global leader in ingredient distribution, we provide enzyme solutions from Novonesis, a world leader in innovative and sustainable biotechnology, to help you produce a better wine. Our portfolio provides the wine industry with processing benefits that go beyond distribution, helping you get the most from your wine yields and aging process, while also reducing processing time and cutting post fermentation clarification costs. Rethink your wine process and explore how enzymes and their sensory attributes can elevate production.

Enhance winemaking with higher quality and stability

Enzymes improve the color and aroma of your wines

Enzymes play an essential role in wine production, helping improve color and aroma. That’s why winemakers around the world rely on enzymes from Novonesis.

During wine production, enzymes help you get more from your maceration process. They give all red wines more intense, stable colors. In long-maturation red wines, they maximize color and free-run juice release, while also improving aroma and mouthfeel.

In long-maturation white wines and rosés enzymes maximize press capacity and free-run juice volume. Novonesis’ maceration solutions for red wines cut maceration time and can even eliminate the cold-soak process, allowing you to produce fruity reds with just one day of cooling. In maceration of white wines and rosés, our enzymes allow you work at lower pressure, increasing press capacity and reducing damage to grape skins.

Enzymes optimize extraction in winemaking

Enzymes improve extraction, a key part of any winemaking process. Enzymes draw valuable aroma precursors, color and phenolic compounds – including tannins – out of grape skins, making the process faster and easier by degrading cell walls. Suitable both for the longer extractions needed for reds and the much shorter ones needed for whites, enzymes also improve both the process and overall profile of your wines. In short-maturation wines, they enhance color and tannins.

Did you know:

Mechanical treatments can break down grape seeds, releasing harsh tannins that can make your wines astringent and unbalanced. Novonesis’ enzymes are specific in their action—meaning they don’t break down the seeds. This helps avoid the risk of over-extraction.

Meet consumer demands for clean label wines

Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of their health, wellness and role in helping to conserve the planet’s resources. As clean label products are considered healthier and more sustainable, more environmentally conscious consumers are opting for these alternatives. As a processing aid, enzymes do not need to be declared on the ingredient list so can instantly aid a ‘Clean Label’ claim to support production of cleaner, more sustainable wines.

Together, Novonesis and Univar Solutions are bringing innovative, sustainable biotechnology products to wine makers around the world.

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