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Homecare & Industrial Cleaning Ingredients

Essential and sustainable ingredients and chemicals to satisfy your homecare and industrial cleaning needs
Finding the right ingredient for your application can be difficult. Whether searching for a specialty chemical or sustainable ingredient for laundry detergent, glass cleaner or other application, Univar Solutions is here to support your formulation needs.

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    Your next cleaning innovation starts here

    How is the cleaning industry supporting a better world without compromising disinfection, safety, and cleaning performance?

    Univar Solutions combines a unique understanding of technical expertise and formulation innovation with a premier portfolio of specialty cleaning ingredients to deliver solutions that support the future of clean.

    A dedicated team of homecare and industrial cleaning experts provides ingredient knowledge spanning from traditional to bio-based and natural product options such as surfactants, chelates, silicones, enzymatic and microbial materials, and others to help you with new product development and optimization.

    From regulatory and label requirements to sustainable product goals, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing the cleaning industry, how to bring technical solutions forward, and how to optimize manufacturing processes where less material does more. Exploring eco-friendly cleaning ingredients or formulations to meet consumer demands and comply with Clean Label, Safer Choice ingredient listings, and Nordic Swan? Univar Solutions has you covered.

    Discover how a partnership with Univar Solutions can contribute to your bottom line and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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    Homecare & industrial cleaning innovations

    Clean wine glasses sit on a fine dining table
    Industrial Warewashing Chemicals & Detergent Formulas
    Wash, rinse, sanitize. Explore industrial cleaning solutions from Univar Solutions. Find essential chemicals for your commercial kitchen warewashing program.
    Explore: Industrial warewashing
    Suds from an automatic car wash cover a car windshield with the words "Time to shine: Cleaner cars for a cleaner world"
    Formulations for automatic and tunnel car wash cleaning systems
    What's driving the future of car wash cleaning? Discover streak-free and sustainable car wash soaps and concentrates for auto car care and tunnel wash systems.
    Explore: Automatic car wash
    A gold basket filled with sustainable cleaning products next to the words 'Good, powered by clean'
    Formulations that support holistic wellness in homecare cleaning
    Explore our Good, Powered by Clean formulas and enjoy peace of mind with powerful, safe and eco-friendly cleaning products.
    Explore: Holistic wellness in homecare cleaning

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    Homecare and industrial cleaning solutions around the world

    Specialty lab services

    Innovating at the intersection of science, technology and consumer trends, Univar Solutions partners with customers and suppliers to create high-performing products and sustainable formulations.

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    On-demand Webinar
    Commercial laundry market trends and cleaning solutions
    Need to understand the latest industrial laundry market drivers and find solutions that address the health, safety and environmental needs of tomorrow?
    Watch now: Commercial laundry trends and solutions
    On-demand Webinar
    Conscientiously Clean: 1,4-dioxane starter formulations and ingredient solutions
    The Conscientiously Clean webinar focuses on four starter formulations and ingredient solutions to help achieve optimal 1,4-dioxane levels and meet the NY S4389B regulation.
    Watch now: 1,4-dioxane formulations and solutions

    Sustainability in Home & Industrial Cleaning

    Univar Solutions is your partner for sustainability in home care and industrial cleaning applications.

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