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Low VOC Coating Solutions

Without Compromise

Your customers demand coatings that are both high performing and regulatory compliant. They aren't willing to compromise, and neither are we. At Univar Solutions, we've worked to create regulatory compliant coating concepts that don't sacrifice performance by leveraging our extensive portfolio of high-quality products and additives—giving you the flexibility to formulate or reformulate to your customers' exact needs.

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Low VOC Coating Solutions Without Compromise
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Solvent Based Roof Coating Solvent Based Roof Coating
Water-borne Roof Coating Water-borne Roof Coating
Water-borne Industrial DTM Coating Water-borne Industrial DTM Coating
Water-borne Architectural Coating Water-borne Architectural Coating
Water-borne Epoxy Coating Water-borne Epoxy Coating
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Solvent Based Roof Coating

Our solvent-based roof coating proves that lower VOC coatings can be solvent-based and low odor. This concept helps you meet regulatory requirements while still providing excellent adhesion and durability, extending the life of the coating. Not only is it high performing, but it also provides thermal and UV stability and reflectivity to keep roofs cooler, lowering energy costs.


  • Kraton™ MD1653 low energy copolymer ideal for low VOC capable type solvents for less energy use.

Eastman Chemical

  • Eastoflex™ consistent quality, low odor, good heat stability, low color, and broad compatibility with numerous elastomers, polymers, and tackifying resins. High-performing APO that withstands the envionment it is made for.


  • Cyasorb Cynergy Solutions® 143-50X UV stabilizer delivers long-term UV and thermal protection to roofing applications to protect against damage.


Water-borne Roof Coating

Roof coatings are meant to be durable and long-lasting, expected to withstand some of the toughest conditions the environment brings. When having to formulate to regulatory compliant restrictions it can be challenging to meet performance expectations. With our water-based roof coating products, you can meet low VOC, APEO-free and formaldehyde-free regulations, while maintaining performance-durability and savings. The UV resistant products help to reduce roof surface temperature, prolonging life and reducing energy costs.


  • Rhoplex™ EC-2020 is a low VOC and APEO-free emusion polymer binder that provides a barrier to UV light, having high-solar reflectivity to help prolong roof life and reduce energy costs.


  • Rhodoline® 622 is a non-silicone defoamer.

Ineos Pigments

  • RCL595 titanium dioxide provides opacity and UV durability, offerring super durable chalk reisstance, gloss retention, and dispersibility.


Water-borne Industrial DTM Coating

Metal is known for its strength; however, it still needs a protective coating that is robust and meets regulatory requirements. Our water-borne direct to metal coating products provide low VOC alternatives that give you both high-performance and cost balance. They provide excellent durability, adhesion and corrosion resistance; creating a strong alternative to solvent-based coatings.

Dow Coating Materials

  • MAINCOTE™ products are low VOC emulsion polymer binder used industrial coatings that require corrosion resistance, high-durability, and hardness properties.


  • AMP95 is a multifunctional additive that is low VOC and helps aid in the production process, using less energy to help disperse some of the most difficult pigments, saving time, money and energy.

Eastman Chemical

  • Optifilm™ Enhancer 400 is a extremely low odor coalescent. Non-HAP. Readily biodegradable adn zero-VOC contribution to coatings. Excellent film integrity and scrub resitance.


  • Rhodoline® FT-100 freeze/thaw stabilizer promotes excellent stability in both resin and coating zero to low VOC formulations. APE-free and zero-VOC post polymerization additive.



Water-borne Architectural Coating

Whether it’s formulating or reformulating to meet regulatory demands, our water-borne architectural coating is both low VOC and APEO-free and withstands the daily demands it is challenged with. Inside and out, it provides excellent durability, scrub resistance, and adhesion to various substrates.

Dow Coating Materials

  • Rhoplex™ resins are low VOC, low odr, and APEO-free. They provide excellent durability and adhesion to interior and exterior surfances.


  • Rhodasurf® surfactant that replaces environmentally sensitive APEO surfactants without hurting coating performance.

Ineos Pigments

  • RCL595 titanium dioxide provides opacity and UV durability, offerring super durable chalk reisstance, gloss retention, and dispersibility.


Water-borne Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coatings are known for their durability and strength, so when formulating to lower VOC regulations it can be tough. Our water-borne epoxy coating is a viable alternative to solvent-based epoxy coatings that doesn’t sacrifice performance. It balances chemical and impact resistance along with providing excellent gloss and corrosion resistance.


  • D.E.R.™ 915 solid epoxy resin binder offerrs low VOC, fast drying properties with great water dispersion.
  • D.E.H.™ 800 epoxy curing agent gives improved gel time, excellent gloss and chemical and corrosion reisstance.


  • Shieldex AC5 is an anti-corrosive pigment that is non-toxic and absorbs water to protect metla.


  • CAB-O-SPERSE® fumed silica offers great rheology control while also increasing film hardness and abrasion reisstance.



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