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Efficient and environmentally responsible precipitation of heavy metals in wastewater.

EarthTec® is a proprietary product registered in all 50 US states as an aquatic-use algaecide/bactericide. Made from copper sulfate and ET-3000, it is 99.99% biologically active Cu++, non-toxic and has a 0.3 pH yet it won’t burn your skin.

Copper sulfate reduction

EarthTec can be used to replace copper sulfate, and many customers have been using copper sulfate for years to treat unwanted algal blooms in the late spring and throughout the summer. A common problem with copper sulfate crystals is they have a tendency to sink, so much of the copper is wasted and settles to the bottom. It also requires an extensive labor campaign to apply the product. These drawbacks are eliminated with EarthTec. EarthTec can be applied in one location and it will evenly distribute throughout the body of water. The product is immediately bioavailable and toxic to algae. EarthTec does not settle out and is not wasted. The residual EarthTec stays in solution to prevent algae regrowth and is only consumed when met with biological demand. Most customers who switch from traditional copper sulfate crystals (25% Cu) to EarthTec (5% Cu) find that they immediately reduce the amount of copper added to the environment.

Algae taste and odor control

Are you frustrated with yearly complaints from customers about the earthy, musty smell of the water? By proactively monitoring blue-green algae levels and monitor- ing yearly lake trends we can help you start controlling the algae that releases taste and odor compounds into your source water. We can detect the problem before and begin using a very low dose of EarthTec to kill the algae that is present and prevent it from turning into a much larger problem. By monitoring the problem we can help your normal taste and odor event become a shorter episode with fewer complaints from your customers.


  • Lakes and reservoir
    • Stops cyanobacteria blooms and HAB (Harmful Algae Bloom)
    • Kills blue-green algae that cause taste and odor compounds such as geosmin
  • Municipal water treatment plants, pipelines and intake structures
    • Can reduce TOC and disinfection byproducts
  • Pipeline and pumping efficiency
    • Can reduce taste and odor caused by algae
    • Eliminates algae from sedimentation basins