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Hydrogen Peroxide

Count on us for your hydrogen peroxide needs

Hydrogen peroxide—once called l’eau oxygénée or oxygenated water by its French inventor—is a simple molecule that consists of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms paired together. At the heart of the pairing lies a relatively weak oxygen-oxygen bond, which makes it a useful oxidizing agent, bleaching agent, and antiseptic – but one with environmentally friendly byproducts (oxygen and water).

Univar Solutions distributes hydrogen peroxide nationwide offering reliable and profession service.  With 120 distribution facilities, our private fleet of trucks and our global supply network, you can count on us for your hydrogen peroxide needs.


Hydrogen peroxide contain low levels of proprietary stabilizer packages that promote shelf life. Various grades of hydrogen peroxide are available that match the requirements of the end use application with the chemical characteristics of the stabilizer package.  Grades available include:

  • Standard Grade
  • Technical Grade
  • Food/FCC/Kosher Grade
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Aseptic Grade
  • Electronic Grade
  • NSF Grade

Sizes available

  • Bulk
  • Drums
  • Totes


In its pure form, hydrogen peroxide is a very pale blue, clear liquid slightly more viscous than water.  It’s almost exclusively sold as an aqueous solution.  A variety of concentrations are available upon request, the most common being 34%, 35% and 50%.


Hydrogen peroxide acts as a selective oxidizing agent, specializing in the delivery of single oxygen atoms. It is favored in many chemical synthesis reactions as the hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water after the reaction – without introducing any new contaminants.

Hydrogen Peroxide’s oxygen-oxygen weak bond can be broken into a homolytic fashion into two hydroxyl radicals. These powerful oxidants can be used to break down many organic compounds found in industrial and municipal effluent streams or clean up contaminated soils.  Additionally, hydrogen peroxide oxidizes sulfur compounds, a reaction that eliminates harmful and malodorous hydrogen sulfide.

The pulp and paper industry is the biggest single consumer of hydrogen peroxide, which the industry uses for bleaching.  Half of all hydrogen peroxide is used in this way.

Hydrogen peroxide has disinfectant properties.  The most common disinfectant use is in Aseptic packaging where food drinks such as juice, milk, or drinks are dipped in or sprayed with Aseptic grade hydrogen peroxide. This process sterilizes the inside of the container just before filling, which extends product shelf life.

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used in hand santizer.

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