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Pol-E-Zolv Polymer Belt Cleaner

Pol-E-Zolv for easier wastewater equipment cleaning

Routine cleaning and maintenance of filter press equipment are necessary measures of the waste treatment operation. Pol-E-Zolv is an odor-free, non-hazardous product for cleaning spills and dewater equipment involving water treatment polymers. This patented product is highly effective without damaging your machinery.

Clean equipment safely and more effectively

  • Helps avoid damage to filter cloth materials in filter press equipment
  • Helps quickly clean polymer feed tubing and piping as well as polymer feed pumps
  • Improves solids capture and increases press water removal
  • Helps eliminate binding and belt damage due to dirty press belts
  • Improves cake solids percentage and cake dryness
  • Breaks down polymer molecules for easy pressure wash removal

Save time and money

  • Eliminates the risk of hazardous exposure
  • Increase the time interval between press belt cleanings from 20-50%
  • Reduces sludge hauling costs
  • Reduces polymer consumption
  • Efficiently cleans polymer, scale, and biological material from micropores in press cloths
  • Increases throughput of gallons of sludge processed

Packaging Available

  • Pails
  • Totes
  • Drums



This product is protected under USA patents 9,945,074 B1 and 10,487,451 B2.