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Biofeed by Univar Solutions

Fertilizer for growing solutions.

Biofeed is a division of Univar Solutions in Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands. Biofeed is a range of products designed for optimal plant growth.

Univar Solutions offers a full range of industrial chemicals. Our customers are found in a wide variety of companies’ world-wide. The product range varies from basic chemicals and specialities to tailor-made solutions, both in quantities from 25 kg up to full truckloads. Our intention is to develop and improve the relationship with our customers and to ensure we deliver the best possible products for his applications.


The history of Biofeed, the nutritional division.

In 1986, Univar Solutions started with Biofeed liquid fertilizer for the professional market. Most consumable and floriculture crops like tomato, cucumber, potplants and flowers were grown on an artificial substrate. Every plant was  provided with water and fertilizer by small tubes, which were connected with pipes to a fertilizer-dosing unit. Greenhouses were expanding that time to several hectares, the amount of fertilizer needed for each individual greenhouse increased. Growers asked for automation, the refilling of his fertilizer barrels could not be automated with the widely used solid fertilizers. Univar Solutions introduced the Biofeed liquid fertilizer system in those years. Univar Solutions already had a history in nitric and phosphoric acid as a fertilizer component for several decades. These acids were used in combination with solid fertilizer. The introduction of a complete liquid fertilizer system composed from basic products was quite a revolution. Growers were able to automate the dosing of fertilizer; liquids can easily be measured by flow control. Another big advantage of Biofeed liquid fertilizer is the purity. Drip irrigation systems are often blocked by the insoluble parts of the solid fertilizer. The use of Biofeed liquid fertilizer causes a clean irrigation system without blocked drippers, a condition for high yields. During the past decades the number of fertilizer components expanded with new products for specific growing conditions and crops. Biofeed liquid fertilizer suits any horticulture application.



Biofeed today.

Nowadays Biofeed is a leading fertilizer producer with the largest program of liquid components. Due to our experience we offer the most different components within our Biofeed system. Our main interest is offering a complete range of solutions to professional growers with a wide variety of crops.

Different kinds of plants have significantly different nutrient needs. Also different stages in a plant’s life cycle results in changes of nutrient requirements. The last few years a number of new components were tested on plants. These resulted in a number of additional fertilizers suitable for specific crops or grow stages. The similarity that all Biofeed products have in common: they are made for better crop quality and high yields.

Besides the liquid fertilizer solutions, Biofeed is specialised in cleaning and desinfecting products for agriculture- and horticulture use. The advanced irrigation systems are very sensitive to clogging caused by bacteria and algae. Our newest cleaning products are very good solutions to prevent clogging caused by organic pollution. All cleaning and desinfecting products are environmentally friendly and easy to use.


Tailor made solutions.

Besides the professional market, Univar Solutions produces tailor made solutions, which are used both by non-professional and professional growers. Those nutrient solutions are based on our experience combined with the demands of our customers. Mostly, the nutrient solutions can be used for hydroponics as well as soil grown plants and contain all necessary elements in a well-balanced proportion. After the customer approves the recipe, it remains his possession and it will only be used for the production of his solutions.

During several stages of the production process, which is approved by our ISO 9002 certificate, the quality of the mixture is measured. After the production is completed, the solution is analysed totally. This analysis accompanies the product to the customer. Our prefabricated nutrient solutions guarantee excellent results for both reseller and grower. Resellers can advise their customers the best possible solution for their plants and guarantee them excellent blooming and top yields.

Our horticultural cleaning products will be helpful to solve additional problems with clogging caused by organic pollution and make the fertilizers do their job.

The main fertilizer products are:

  • Calcium nitrate solution 52%, it doesn’t contain any NH4as in solid calcium nitrate;.
  • Magnesium nitrate solution 37%;
  • Magnesium sulphate 43,5%;
  • Ammonium nitrate solution 52%;
  • Nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid and potassium hydroxide make all necessary main elements complete.
  • Further: all trace elements including Silica in different solutions


For further information, please contact:

Univar Solutions Nederland B.V.

Noordweg 3,

3336 LH Zwijndrecht.

Tel:  +31 (0) 78 6250000

E-mail: [email protected]


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