BASF Baxxodur® Products

Polyurethane performance additives for improved processing and performance

The advantages of BASF’s Baxxodur®  products are featured in many applications - as highly efficient curing agents in various coating applications and sealing compounds, such as polyurea, castings, adhesives, and epoxy systems.

Trade NameChemical NameCoating ApplicationsFeatures & Benefits
Baxxodur® PC 136

Modified IPDA

Light-stable OEM and polyurethane coating and light-stable top coats, rapid curing gel coats

Faster film property development and green strength, excellent UV and color stability, easy formulations with amine systems, slower gel times for better adhesion, flow, and leveling, high temp stability
  • Good tough­ness, good flexibility, excellent adhesion, impact resistance
  • High strength, high tempera­ture resistance, good moisture resistance
  • Increased flexibility and toughness in epoxies
  • Increased peel strength in adhesives
  • Blush reduction
  • Anti-sag in polyurethanes
  • Improved hydrophobicity

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