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ESTERLAC® Care+ from Corbion






Our partners at Corbion are global leaders in the development of innovative humectants and emulsifiers, offering a range of high quality materials for beauty and personal care applications.

ESTERLAC® Care+ Brochure


Applications: sulfate-free facial cleansers, body washes, sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners  

ESTERLAC® Care+ is a 100% biobased sodium salt derived from natural L-lactic acid and isostearic acid. Although slightly anionic, it behaves like a non-ionic co-surfactant. As a natural honey-like liquid, this product can replace amide/MEA in sulfate-free cleansers or shampoos and provide effective solubilization to create clear formulas. As a foam and flow enhancer, it delivers in-use feel and also contributes to a unique after-feel. ESTERLAC Care+ can enhance the way users experience silicone-free, sulfate-free shampoos by delivering substantive properties to hair, allowing polymers to cling more easily to hair shafts and ensure a smooth, moisturized finish. The addition of lactic acid can offer further benefits by filling in keratin spots, forming bridges, reducing split ends, and providing a healthy, shiny look in use.










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As a natural co-surfactant, just 3 – 5% ESTERLAC Care+, depending on your formulation, can provide significant benefits.


Key Consumer Benefits:

  • 100% biobased
  • Non-irritating
  • Vegan certified
  • Contributes to a unique skin, scalp & hair feel

Core Application Functions:

  • Replaces amides such as MEA
  • Solubilizes fragrance, without volatizing
  • Enhances foam stabilization
  • Helps to create clear formulas


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