Dow Acusol™ Dispersants

Acusol™ Dispersants for Dish and Fabric Detergents

Keep it Clean with Acusol™ Dispersants from Dow Chemical

Acusol dispersants from Dow Chemical are acrylic acid homo-polymer, acrylate co-polymer, and modified acrylate chemistries designed to prevent scale formation and fabric encrustation. They come in a variety of forms for different detergent bases. Additionally, Acusol dispersants prevent clay and oil redeposition, enhance soil removal, scatter inorganic particles and pigments, sequester polyvalent metal ions, and assist in the preparation of high solids, low viscosity inorganic slurries.



Excellent: +++

Good: ++

Fair: +

Not Rated: NR

Performance Comparison of AcusolTM Dispersants by Grade

Properties and Performance402 / 402N420N / 420NG445 Series497N / 497NG460 Series587G / 588 / 588G425N / 425NG
Calcium Carbonate Growth Inhibition+++++++++NRNR+++
Calcium Carbonate Dispersion+++++++++++++
Sulphate Salts Growth Inhibition++++++++++++++
Silicate Salts Growth Inhibition+++++++++
Calcium Polyphosphate Growth Inhibition++++NR++++
Calcium Polyphosphate Dispersion+++++++++
Zeolite Dispersion+++++++++++++
Organic Soils Dispersion++++++++++
Lime Soap Salts DispersionNRNRNRNR+++NRNR
Lime Soap Salts Dispersion+++++++++NR++++++
Lime Soap Salts Dispersion++NR++++++NRNR++

Attributes and Performance:

  • Product Forms: Liquid (Emulsion, Solvent, Aqueous), Sprayed Dried Powders and Granulates
  • pH: Acidic and Neutral options
  • Solid forms can act as a processing aid for powder detergent manufacturing
  • Bleach Stabilization
  • For high ash systems, provides high performing encrustation inhibition
  • Unique grades available for higher surface affinity
  • Tolerance in high ion (hard) water

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