Acusol™ Rheology Modifiers for Cleaners

Enhance Your Surface Cleaners with Acusol™ from Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical's Acusol products are effective rheology modifiers based on ASE (Alkali Soluble Emulsion), HASE (Hydrophobically-modified Alkali Soluble Emulsion) and HEUR (Hydrophobically-modified Ethoxylated Urethane) chemistry. They are used in abrasive cleaners, floor cleaners, hard-surface cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, oven and grill cleaners. They have a viscosity range from 10 to 11,000 cP.  All AcusolTM grades are available in a liquid form to provide ease of use, no dusting/non-hygroscopic with no preparation required.

Performance Comparison of Acusol ASE, HASE and HEUR Rheology Modifier

Ease of Use++++++++
Salt Tolerance - NaCl++++++++
Salt Tolerance - Di/Trivalent Ions++++++++
Shear Thinning Behavior++++++
Solvent Compatibility++++++++
High pH Compatibility+++++++
Low pH CompatibilityNo++++
Anionic Compatibility++++++++
Cationic CompatibilityNoLimited+++
Nonionic Compatibility+++++++++
Peroxide StabilityNoLimited+++

Versatile: Functions in a wide variety of applications

Quick Thickening: For in line static mixers with continuous processing

Shear Tolerance: Can be used in membrane pumps, turbine mixers, high speed propellers and colloid mills

Gel Appearance: Clear and transparent if required

Microbial Resistance: ACUSOLTM does not support contamination, unlike natural thickeners

Non-Toxic: Non-Hazardous

Registrations: Cleared under EINECS/TSCA/AICS

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