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SoftCAT™ Polymer SL-100

Premium conditioning without build-up effect

SoftCAT™ Polymer SL-100 is a hydrophobically-modified cationic conditioning polymer for outstanding softness, smoothness and manageability in wet and dry hair. The extra conditioning benefits don’t cause build-up, and SoftCAT™ Polymer SL-100 is recommended for 2-in-1 shampoos, daily use shampoos and conditioners for normal or chemically treated hair. SoftCAT™ Polymers are based on a cellulosic backbone derived from natural renewable wood and/or cotton sources.

SoftCAT™ conditioning polymers make it possible to deliver active ingredients that rinse off easily and evenly, leaving hair soft, smooth and ready to style. The range of Dow conditioning polymers can help customers meet all performance and cost targets, from light to intense conditioning, and low-budget to extravagant haircare options.



  • INCI Name: Polyquaternium-67
  • Powder
  • % Nitrogen: 0.8-1.1%
  • Charge density: Low
  • Viscosity (1%, aqueous solution): 2800cP



  • Damaged hair
  • Sulfate-free shampoo, 2-in-1
  • Clear system
  • Rinse-off


SoftCAT™ Polymer SL-100 Formulation Benefits: 

  • Bio-renewable (partial)
  • Soft hair that looks visibly healthier
  • Extra hair softness, smoothness and manageability without build-up
  • Delivery of active ingredients in rinse-off formulations
  • Can be used in clear formulations
  • Greater silicone deposition efficiency
  • Compatible with a wide range of surfactants
  • Provides premium conditioning and deposition on many hair types
  • Providing soft feel, enhanced volume and detangling
  • Selection among the SL product line is formulation dependent

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