Phytantriol by DSM is a unique active for hair care applications that augments deposition of panthenol, ethyl-panthenol and keratin amino acids. It provides benefits for normal and damaged hair after single as well as cumulative applications. Phytantriol significantly improves water retention and visibly prevents color wash-out.

Formulation Benefits for Phytantriol
  • Improves water retention
  • Strengthens damaged hair
  • Provides extra protection against heat damage
  • Visibly prevents color wash-out
  • Strongly protects against the formation of split-ends
  • Boosts deposition of amino acids and panthenol onto hair

INCI: Phytantriol

Appearance: Colorless light yellow, viscous liquid

Refractive index (589 nm, 20C): 1.466-1.471

Water: max. 0.5%

Sulphated as (residue on ignition): max. 0.3%

Heavy metals: max. 20ppm

Assay: min. 95.0%

  • Hair Care

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Product Phytantriol

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