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Aerafin™ 35 Polymer

Broad compatibility with polyolefin polymers, waxes and hydrocarbon tackifying resins

Aerafin™ 35 polymer is a high strength propylene-ethylene based amorphous polyolefin polymer with exceptional balance of tensile strength and elongation. Aerafin 35 is designed for improved performance in hot melt adhesives for a variety of applications including durable assembly applications such as mattresses, filter assembly, woodworking and automotive interior lamination. It provides exceptional thermal stability and spray ability. It is compatible with a range of hydrocarbon tackifying resins and enables spraying or slot applying the finished adhesive at a broad range of temperatures and operating conditions. Aerafin™ 35 polymer is characterized by consistent quality, low color, excellent thermal stability, and low odor.


Applications/ Uses

  • Mattresses adhesives
  • Filter assembly
  • General assembly
  • Woodworking
  • Automotive interior lamination
  • Road marking
  • Insulated glass sealants
  • Hygiene
  • Packaging


 Key attributes

  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Compatibility with a wide range of hydrocarbon tackifying resins
  • Good adhesion with excellent peel strength
  • In formulation, enables a robust adhesive system with a broad processing window and sprayability
  • Low color and odor
  • Reliable global supply


Property comparison with other commercial APOs

Aerafin 35 exhibits higher tensile strength and elongation at the same viscosity relative to competitive materials. This allows superior cohesion and mechanical properties without compromising on substrate wetting and processability. The longer open time allows ease of handling during processing and formulation flexibility. Aerafin 35 also exhibits compatibility with a broad range of tackfiers from Eastman as well as other suppliers.

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Aerafin™ 35 Sprayability & thermal stability 

Aerafin 35 exhibits differentiated spray ability and exceptional thermal stability. The superior spray ability of Aerafin 35 allows uniform and controlled spray patterns with ease of application. The improved thermal stability leads to less charring, wastage and discoloration during application resulting a clean running application setup. Even at elevated temperatures as high as 1800 C Aerafin 35 shows remarkable stability up to 72 hours of exposure, comparable to metallocene polymers and far better than competitive butene based or propene based APOs.

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