The Pharmaceutical team at Univar Solutions uses its global network and industry expertise to provide unparalleled connectivity across the Life Science markets we serve. Univar Solutions offers one of the most expansive active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) lists in our portfolio, essential to drug formulations, logistics, and product and service support.

Here are seven considerations for choosing Univar Solutions as your trusted partner for API distribution. 

1. Does your distributor work with a robust family of partners to deliver on customer expectations?

Vendor consolidation is a current trend in the pharmaceutical industry due to recent climate changes and supply chain challenges. We recognize this and help customers achieve this goal by hosting a broad portfolio of APIs from a strong, diverse supplier base. Our business is designed to meet your supply chain needs as a value-added partner with a core group of more than 25 world-class suppliers, complemented by product experts and a global distribution network. 

Our supply partners and producers operate under cGMP standards and their facilities are U.S. FDA registered, offering all the proper regulatory documentation, drug master files, and related technical documents to sell APIs into the U.S. pharmaceutical industry. 

Additionally, our dedicated technical experts in Global Solution Centers and pharmaceutical application laboratories around the world can support the API manufacturing process. We assist with custom formulation, product development, and regulatory support at every step of the research and development (R&D) cycle to further enhance the customer experience.

With access to specialty ingredient options from a diverse range of leading suppliers, customers can streamline logistics while often identifying cost-savings, sustainability benefits, and beyond. 

2. Does your distributor offer a world-class global network, dual-sourcing, contingency planning, and sustainability solutions in the supply chain?

Univar Solutions offers a world-class sourcing organization, covering North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. With internal global sourcing and export (GSE) departments and product management teams responsible for identifying key suppliers around the world to partner with, we collaborate with dozens of active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturers, creating a complimentary portfolio of over 500 molecules, often allowing the customer multiple sources of the same API. By offering both primary and secondary sources of supply, we are able to mitigate unexpected changes in the marketplace and identify supply solutions on behalf of our customers.

The demand to develop greener products has opened the door to a new generation of higher-quality, sustainable solutions. Our Pharmaceutical team brings together specialty ingredients expertise, deep industry knowledge, and technical capabilities to better align with pharma industry trends around sustainability.

One example of this is our recent pilot to develop a standardized, global framework for digital categorizing and characterizing the sustainable attributes of ingredients and products. Univar Solutions works closely with many supplier partners and customers to drive supplier innovation and help customers better understand the sustainability attributes of various applicable products.

3. Does your API distributor create value in logistics?

As one of our core competencies, our expertise in logistics includes global sourcing and import capabilities in addition to a North American distribution network of 70+ FDA-registered facilities. This expansive network allows us to provide the ingredients you need, when and where you need them: from APIs to solvents, excipients, intermediates, and beyond.

Using economies of scale, Univar Solutions is able to secure land, sea, and air freight rates with which smaller companies often cannot compete. Within the U.S., we are proud to offer the largest in-house trucking fleet among our peers, making us significantly less dependent on volatile transportation markets. Our global footprint can optimize transportation costs and partner with suppliers and customers alike to help develop more cost-efficient and sustainable supply chain solutions. 

4: Does your active pharmaceutical ingredient distributor integrate producer-distributor-customer business planning to optimize end-to-end efficiency? 

Univar Solutions is proud to partner closely with the technical, regulatory, and procurement teams of our customers and suppliers to better understand unique and specific requirements.

Our dedicated sales, quality, regulatory, sourcing, technical, and product management teams work together to move the business forward and get our clients' final products to market easier and faster. When necessary, Univar Solutions will coordinate virtual meetings putting the customer, the distributor, and the supplier together to address questions, concerns, forecasting, audits, market condition, and beyond. With all three partners collaborating in concert, the result is a harmonious flow of information and communication to help ensure smoother business operations.

5: Is your distributor adopting AI and digital analytics to prevent supply chain disruptions and develop flexible and accurate inventory management?

Supply chain challenges, particularly over the last 5 years, have proven the increased need for alternate sources of APIs, high-purity solvents, and excipients. Univar Solutions combines artificial intelligence (AI) and analytic tools with experience and know-how to predict and prevent challenges and offer expedited solutions for critical, and sometimes life-saving, ingredients.

6: Does your distributor reduce landed API costs through efficient global trade management?

In the pharmaceutical space, customers are looking for a committed distribution partner who will save them time and money while responding rapidly to dynamic and disruptive changes, so they can maintain security of supply.

With robust logistical infrastructure, including in-house transportation and warehousing, we can consistently ensure uninterrupted product availability and reliability, often leading to lower landed pharmaceutical active ingredient costs for the customer. Part of that cost reduction relates to cost avoidance. Providing a high level of import review and due diligence on the front end can help reduce the risk of compliance and documentation issues and prevent import review delays to help ensure overall supply chain security.

This strong emphasis on risk mitigation on behalf of our customers is why Univar Solutions makes sure every supplier and product offering undergoes a thorough import and compliance review. From import documentation and proper labeling and packaging of pharmaceutical raw materials to regulatory conformance, our team's due diligence provides security of supply and better overall efficiency and cost savings. 

7: Does your distributor offer specialty lab services?

Through Univar Solutions' global network of Solution Centers and on-the-ground application specialists, chemists, and scientists, we have built an ecosystem of innovation, delivering practical technical solutions that address the latest trends, regulatory requirements, and sustainability challenges. Whether it's comparative analysis or formulation troubleshooting, we can apply these laboratories and experts to your innovation needs.

For more on the services and capabilities offered in our global Solutions Centers and pharmaceutical application laboratories, visit Pharmaceutical Formulation Lab Services Support.

George Maresca 

Sr. Technical Business Development Manager - API

Univar Solutions Pharmaceutical Ingredients

George Maresca currently serves as the Sr. Technical Business Development Manager for United States active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with Univar Solutions. He has been in a variety of technical roles within the Univar Solutions Pharmaceutical Ingredients division for the last seven years and has a combined 30+ years of experience in pharmaceuticals APIs and excipients with several global manufacturers and distributions. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University.