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    Our global food ingredient and nutrition group is dedicated to helping you create the next winning recipe and food innovation.

    Foodology by Univar Solutions is your trusted partner, with food and beverage ingredient solutions for every eating occasion.

    Together, let's shape the future of food.

    Foodology by Univar Solutions is a specialized team dedicated to the unique distribution and technical innovation needs of the food and nutrition industries. With a portfolio of the broadest range of ingredients from the industry’s leading suppliers for all food and beverage applications, we are reimagining distribution to help you innovate and grow with end-to-end solutions. As your committed ally for food ingredients, our dedicated technical experts and local sellers are on hand to help you formulate new recipes and revisit existing ones to help meet the latest consumer demands.

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    Accessibility & Reliability
    People deserve to have the foods they want and need. We will find ways to make sure those foods are accessible and are reliably where they need to be.

    We believe in sustainability and are aware of how the food industry is connected to the health of our planet. We will lead in the development of sustainable and natural ingredients.

    To never stop exploring, creating, pushing, developing and leading in every aspect of the food and ingredients industry.


    Create Your Winning Recipe

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    We help brands of all sizes grow, combining culinary science with application development support to create innovative recipes and formulations.

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    Plant-Based Foods Webinar Series
    Watch our webinars on plant-based foods to better understand the ingredients and processing conditions required to create a sustainable product.
    Watch now: Plant-based foods webinar
    Three yogurt parfaits topped with blueberries and healthy nutsThree yogurt parfaits topped with blueberries and healthy nuts

    Sustainability in Food

    How does food relate to sustainability? The food industry now plays a key role in wellness for ecological health and our vision for a sustainable future. 

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