A diverse trio of smiling women with radiant skinA diverse trio of smiling women with radiant skin

Beauty & personal care ingredients & solutions

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We offer more than just specialty ingredients. Our team of beauty and personal care experts guides our customers every step of the way, delivering a comprehensive customer experience through technical development and brand support.

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    Your Next Beauty and Personal Care Innovation  Starts Here

    A global footprint and world-class supply chain enable us to respond quickly to your specialty and commodity ingredient needs. Connect with our technical teams and get started on your next transformative idea.

    Applications in beauty & personal care

    Applications in beauty & personal care

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    Beauty & personal care innovations

    The words "luxury redefined" against a dark blue background
    Luxury Redefined: Affordable Beauty Care Formulas & Ingredients
    Formulate quality beauty care products that deliver results without compromising affordability or sustainability.
    Explore the luxury redefined kit
    A man and woman who defy conventional beauty standards smile next to the text  'Beauty knows no boundaries'
    Beauty knows no boundaries
    Discover our genderless beauty line that includes everything, inclusive formulas with textures, performance, and benefits for everyone looking to upgrade their beauty wardrobe.
    Explore the no boundaries kit
    A youthful woman with blue and purple hair sticks out her tongue while flashing the peace sign with her hands.
    Metaverse is the new universe
    Are you ready to enter the beautyverse? Learn how the metaverse and will change the beauty and personal care industry for brands, products, and consumers.
    Explore the metaverse kit
    A stylish woman of colour stands against a blue background as brightly colored lights reflect off of her healthy skin
    Forever impressions
    Discover Forever Impressions – enjoy these formulations curated for your region that encourage play, while promoting best in class sustainable solutions - available in EMEA.
    Explore the forever impressions kit

    Beauty & personal care trends

    Side profile of a woman against a diffused green background touches her hand to her shimmering blue lip makeupSide profile of a woman against a diffused green background touches her hand to her shimmering blue lip makeup

    Beauty and personal care blog

    Bringing you the latest industry insights and specialty chemical and ingredient innovations


    Lab services


    Beauty & Personal Care Lab Services

    Think of us as your beauty concierge, helping you connect the dots and giving you access to the specialty ingredients and solutions you need to grow. Consider partnering with us and take your product line to the next level.

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    Sustainability in Beauty and personal care

    Plant-based, renewable ingredients are the future.  Staying true to our commitment to a forward-thinking, ethical, and holistic sustainability journey, we are going beyond traditional distribution to support our efforts to help keep global communities healthy, clean, fed and safe. 

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    Brand development support

    Univar Solutions can support your beauty brand development through technical support, a premier product portfolio, and a global supply chain network.

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