Pill bottled being filled in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facilityPill bottled being filled in a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

Pharmaceutical Ingredients & Solutions

Reliable supply of high-quality excipients, intermediates, APIs, and high-purity solvents from leading brands
We answer when quality, reliability, and security of supply are the most critical factors. With a global network of pharmaceutical-compliant facilities, strategic alliances with leading brands, and a team of industry experts, count on us for pharmaceutical ingredient needs.

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    Your next pharmaceutical innovation starts here

    The road to wellness and recovery is a journey – sometimes a short stint or perhaps many years in the making. The Univar Solutions Pharmaceutical Ingredients team understands that every step regarding a patient’s care, treatment, and medications is vital in that journey.

    Our mission is to deliver high-quality ingredients to support health, healing, and essential medicines. Our unparalleled global distribution network includes worldwide facilities, bulk storage, and various fleet capabilities. Univar Solutions provides pharmaceutical brands and manufacturers of all sizes with the right ingredients through innovative and customized supply chain solutions. 

    We are dedicated pharma experts in technical, regulatory, and quality, with a specialized global distribution network and the flexibility to develop custom solutions to your manufacturing challenges. Grow your product line and secure your supply of specialty ingredients.

    The Univar Solutions Pharmaceutical Ingredient team is proud to be your strategic partner through reliability, scale, and innovation. Our specialists understand the complexities of product development and formulation and can offer custom solutions to help deliver value and responsiveness across life science segments. We go beyond to advance the future of pharmaceutical distribution and support your customers’ journeys to health and wellness. 

    We partner with suppliers who uphold the highest quality standards. Our expansive product portfolio includes high-purity solvents, excipients, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and bioprocessing ingredients. We also offer additional raw material and specialty ingredient options to serve primary and secondary pharmaceutical markets. Univar Solutions can help provide the critical pharmaceutical ingredients needed for all drug delivery dosage forms, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medicines.       

    Are you seeking formulation expertise to help bring your product to market or reformulate based on new pharmaceutical market trends? Our Solution Centers around the world have dedicated technical ingredient specialists who can work as a collaborative extension of your team at any phase of the development or manufacturing process.

    Our in-house pharmaceutical lab specialists provide producers with quality assurance and innovative ingredient solutions for every application and dosage form. If you are scaling up from clinical trials to mass commercialization, searching for in-depth market insights, or exploring dual-sourcing options, our pharmaceutical ingredient specialists can help you overcome even the most complex product development and formulation challenges. 

    Pharmaceutical innovations

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    Latest Pharmaceutical Market Insights


    Reimagining Distribution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

    From key ingredients to the products that help society thrive, the future of pharmaceutical distribution begins now.

    Pharmaceutical Ingredients Laboratory Solutions

    Raw Materials and Optimize Formulations 

    Lab services

    scientist wearing a lab coat and safety glasses in a pharmaceutical labscientist wearing a lab coat and safety glasses in a pharmaceutical lab

    Specialty Lab Services

    Our scientists, chemists, and formulation laboratories offer development solutions, regulatory assistance, and technical application testing. Whether it's comparative analysis or formulation troubleshooting, leverage our labs and experts for your innovation needs.

    Featured suppliers

    Webinars & events

    On-demand Webinar
    Polar white tablet coatings – A future without TiO2
    Adam Duxbury, EMEA Product Development Manager explores titanium dioxide regulatory factors and benefits supporting polar white coatings
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    On-demand Webinar
    Formulating for Nutraceuticals vs. Pharmaceuticals
    Our technical specialists explore trends in nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, how CPEs are used, and much more regarding innovation in these market spaces
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    Sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry

    Sustainability is at the forefront of how we serve our customers and operate internally. We understand how eco-conscious pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions directly impact the health of our planet. From formulating in our labs with sustainable ingredient alternatives to responsible packaging and transferring across the world, we help our customers improve their sustainability footprint and meet updated regulatory requirements.

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