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Beverage makers today are challenged to offer products that both complement and replace meals, as consumers seek cleaner, healthier, more convenient options without sacrificing flavor and satisfaction.

Drink in the goodness, and indulge in taste, texture, and functionality with our extensive line of beverage ingredients. Whether you are creating or producing drink recipes that are organic, clean label, or better for you, Univar Solutions has the products you need and the expertise you want to optimize your offering and your process.

End Uses in Beverage Ingredients

Univar Solutions offers a diverse array of sports and energy drink ingredients to fit your tastes and needs. From a complete line of sweeteners to texture modifiers, acidifying agents like flavor enhancers, or fortification and stabilizing agents, our ingredient experts can help you explore options to stay ahead of the latest trends and varieties, such as ready to drink or powdered mixes.
We understand the beverage world. With unlimited variations of flavor, sweetness, and mouth feel, the possibilities for the next beverage are endless. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions to help you create or produce that winning juice formulation.
No matter what you're looking for in your next carbonated beverage — sugar reduction or replacement, high-intensity sweeteners, or other on-trend feature — our acidulants, flavors, and sweeteners strike the right balance in your next carbonated drink.
Univar Solutions can help you develop or enhance teas and coffees with a complete line of acidulants, flavors, and sweeteners. Our helpful food experts can assist with the product trends and varieties you need to address, such as ready to drink or powdered mixes.
Our quality name-brand food ingredients for beer, wine, and spirits come from the most trusted brands in the industry and include acidulants, antimicrobials, minerals, sequestrants, sweeteners, and a variety of processing aids.
Univar Solutions carries a full line of acidulants, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, and fortifiers to develop and enhance your beverage concentrates. No matter your challenge, our ingredient experts can help you stay ahead of consumer demand and latest trends.

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