Solution Centers
Innovating today to solve the challenges of tomorrow

A global network of formulation labs and test kitchens creating specialty solutions

Our global Solution Centers are a network of R&D sites, labs, and food development kitchens. Starting off with a flagship location in North America a decade ago, we've expanded to four continents to become a world leader.

We help customers get their products to the market faster and easier than they might achieve on their own. Our expert chemists, food scientists, and technical specialists span across the markets we serve, solving problems through fast-paced dialogue.

We can help you with...

  • Formulating products
  • Developing recipes
  • Performing benchmark prototyping
  • Testing product performance
  • Finding the right ingredients

Our Solution Centers are innovating today to solve the challenges of tomorrow

We adapt

The world changes fast. We understand the landscape for consumer demands, regulations, and sustainable best practices. Our team solves local challenges with global solutions that easily scale.

We collaborate

We discuss your challenges with both customers and suppliers. In doing so, we understand materials and their production. That's the sweet spot where meaningful innovation happens.

We network

It's not enough to just create good ideas. We actively work with you to share the latest trends, best practices, new discoveries, and solutions across our global network. Located in key regions, we are never far away.

Knowledge at your fingertips

Are you looking to improve your formula? Or find the latest inspiration?

 Check out our resources based on our years of experience. We have hundreds of formulas across different regions and markets. Find your solution anytime, anywhere.

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Innovation Day

Experience the multidisciplinary technical expertise, creativity and human ingenuity that are at the heart of innovation. Join us for a virtual event bringing together industry insights and sustainability and regulatory solutions to product challenges.

Inside the labs

Working side-by-side with customers and suppliers, we are accelerating innovation for the food, industrial and commercial markets.

Need to understand market trends, select ingredients for your formulation, taste test a recipe, or create a sustainable line? Our technical specialists collaborate to find solutions and turn concepts into reality.

Our goal is to learn with you and expand our capabilities together. We don’t see hurdles, only opportunities for growth.

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Dr. Dejana Drew

Global Director, Innovation & Technology

“Our labs and technical development centers are unique, sophisticated zones of application and performance testing, where we can evaluate and really understand raw materials and formulation behaviors.”

A proven track record

In our Solution Centers, we go to work on your technical challenges. Whether seeking the latest ingredients or sourcing inspiration for your next recipe, we have hundreds of formulas across different regions and markets. See how we help customers find opportunities that lead to commercial success. Read our articles and browse case studies to learn more.


Recipe for success: combining culinary science with seasoned application development

Solving customer challenges with collaboration and innovation

Accelerating technical solutions for a changing world

A proven track record

In our formulation labs we take a bold idea from concept to reality, helping customers find market-moving opportunities that deliver material advances and lead to commercial success. Download customer success stories and read how we collaborate on innovative ingredient and specialty solutions.

Frequently asked questions

I don't see my service here. Can you still help me?

We're eager to explore different ideas! New challenges help us grow. Contact a member of our team and we'll identify how to best find your solution.

Are you connected with other R&D labs?

Yes, we're connected with partner labs. If we don't have the capabilities to solve your problem, we'll redirect you to the correct person. We want to help you, no matter what.

After my project is complete, can I still reach out for help?

Yes, you can always contact us! When you join our network, you're a lifelong partner. We will help you now and tomorrow.

Ready for your next solution?

We’re here to innovate and grow your business. Collaborate with our technical experts, explore our formulation capabilities, and tap into a global distribution network.