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Nutraceutical Ingredients & Innovation

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Your trusted partner for health and wellness solutions. Our nutraceutical experts bring industry-specific knowledge and insight to you and assist your idea from concept to commercialization.

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    Your next nutraceutical innovation starts here

    A global footprint and world-class supply chain enable us to respond quickly to your nutraceutical ingredient needs. Connect with our technical teams and get started on your next health and wellness solution.

    Nutraceutical innovations

    A group of healthy, active, older adults stretching before a workout
    Healthy aging
    Learn how we can support your healthy aging supplement products, which are growing in importance among younger health and wellness consumers.
    Explore: Healthy aging
    A woman wearing athletic clothes places her hand over her stomach to form a heart
    Digestive health
    Explore how our ingredients for gut and digestive health can help you customize your next gut-friendly product innovation.
    Explore: Digestive health
    A man stands in his kitchen while enjoying a post-workout smoothie to support active nutrition
    Active nutrition
    Looking for a deep dive into the current research and novel ingredients for Active Nutrition? We can give you the technical insights for the edge you need.
    Explore: Active nutrition

    Latest Trends in Nutraceuticals


    Formulating for Plant-Based Supplements in Nutraceuticals

    Applying Sports Nutrition Principles in Adult Nutrition

    Lab Services

    Specialty lab services

    Innovating at the intersection of science, technology and consumer trends, Univar Solutions partners with customers and suppliers to create high-performing products and sustainable formulations.

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    Webinars & events

    On-demand Webinar
    Webinar: Innovative Ingredients for Sports Nutrition
    This sports nutrition webinar focuses on how nutraceutical ingredients and innovation from Univar Solutions can best support your sports nutrition formulations.
    Watch now: Sports nutrition

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