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Formulation Kit
Making the medical gradeMaking the medical grade

What excipients and ingredients can help make your product more effective and appealing to physicians and consumers?

At Univar Solutions, our technical application specialists have carefully researched the essential components needed to give your topical product a competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical market.

We've identified high-quality, high-purity ingredients from leading producers to develop three unique topical treatment formulas. These prototypes offer standout ingredients and techniques that are lab tested and verified to enhance your product line.

Experience sensory, aesthetic and efficacy attributes for the following skin treatment applications:


A pot of protective creamA pot of protective cream
A pot of protective creamA pot of protective cream

Smooth Relief Cream
Topical Pain Relief Cream Prototype

This formulation combines a medical-grade silicone with a molecular weight silicone elastomer, plus a workhorse chelating agent and a resistant controlled release rheology modifier. These ingredients make a semi-occlusive, easily to apply topical cream with a smooth, non-sticky, in-vitro skin penetration for the utmost consumer appeal.

Highlighted Ingredients: 

DuPont™ Liveo™ Q7-9120

DuPont™ Liveo™ ST Elastomer 10

Corel Pharma Chem Acrypol® 974

Nourished Comfort Gel
Topical Pain Relief Gel Prototype

This medicinal hydrating oil and residue-free formulation consist of a proven polymer excipient to retain moisture, a high viscosity rheology modifier to thicken and fumed silica to enhance the aesthetic. Complimented with vitamin E for oxidation protection while providing a soothing skin sensation, these ingredients can help deliver greater benefit to patients and consumers in your topical treatment formulations.


Highlighted Ingredients: 


Corel Pharma Chem Acrypol® 980

Cabot CAB-O-SIL® M-5P

A container of medical grade cooling gelA container of medical grade cooling gel
A container of medical grade cooling gelA container of medical grade cooling gel

A pot of smooth ointmentA pot of smooth ointment
A pot of smooth ointmentA pot of smooth ointment

Easy Care Gel
Topical SPF 30 Scar Treatment Gel Prototype

This protective scar gel formulation uses a silicone elastomer blend to achieve a non-occlusive silky smooth sensory profile. Enhanced with a UV sunscreen filter of SPF 30, you can heighten the treatment benefits of your formulation to help generate greater customer satisfaction and preference in your topical pharmaceutical products.


Highlighted Ingredients: 

DuPont Liveo™ TI-3021

Jungbunzlaeur CITROFOL® B1

Calumet CW-8030K

Specialty lab services

Innovating at the intersection of science, technology and consumer trends, Univar Solutions partners with customers and suppliers to create high-performing products and sustainable formulations.

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