Sustainable family dinner enjoyed during a multi-generational family gathering.Sustainable family dinner enjoyed during a multi-generational family gathering.

Sustainability in Food

The rise of global sustainability: the impact of food ingredients with sustainable solutions

Why is sustainability important in the food industry?

The food industry is now more integral than ever in devising eco-friendly measures and creative solutions for food sustainability. While it might not be the top purchase driver for all consumers, it impacts buying decisions for many when choosing between products, including ingredients and food packaging sustainability methods.

Consumers are more ethically and environmentally conscious, so food brands must work with the public to develop confidence in the claims attached to products. For example, baking industry formulators are using biosolutions to slow the staling process and prevent food waste, creating value for sustainable ingredients.

Next-gen solutions for food

At Univar Solutions, our team of knowledgeable in-house scientists refreshes formulas to enhance the efficacy of products while working toward our vision for a better world. By incorporating sustainability into our operating strategies and processes, we can help formulators, brands, and suppliers find the best environmentally conscious solutions for their customers.

We believe in sustainability and understand how sustainability in food directly connects to the health of our planet – from how we produce and transport to how we prepare and consume. Univar Solutions is a leader in distributing sustainable and natural food ingredients and developing innovative food solutions.

Watch the video below to learn about our eco-friendly transportation solutions for supply chain reliability.

Learn how Foodology by Univar Solutions is shaping the future of food. Find sustainable ingredients such as these and more:

  • Enzymes
  • Carrageenan
  • Rosemary extracts
  • Starches
  • Flavors
  • Fibers
  • Proteins
  • Sweeteners

Focused on Sustainability

Three glasses of nutritional fruit smoothies on a table ready to be enjoyed.Three glasses of nutritional fruit smoothies on a table ready to be enjoyed.

Healthy Nutrition

Today’s health-conscious consumers are increasingly demanding that ingredients are Better for Me and Better for the Planet.

A family in reading the label ingredients on food packagingA family in reading the label ingredients on food packaging

Clean Label

Innovating to keep pace with consumer demands for cleaner food ingredients that can be easily found on labels.

Plant-based solutions

Plant-based foods are better for the planet, requiring less land and water while producing fewer emissions.

Going green for food ingredient transit

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