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A celebration cakes and cupcakes producer faced the challenges of sourcing a new supplier for their custom blended proprietary cake mix. This need was mainly due to ingredient shortages and overall increased pricing.

In the past, alternatives they experimented with lacked the original mix's textural qualities, structural integrity, and softness. Furthermore, any changes they made to the alternative cake mixes incurred additional costs.

The customer needed a comparable cake mix that offered less dependency on cost-volatile ingredients – such as liquid whole eggs – to provide their clients with the exact great-tasting cake without significant price increases.

Solutions to address the cost of eggs rising

Our Foodology by Univar Solutions team was up for the challenge! Our global food ingredient and nutrition group provided our functional liquid whole egg replacement solution for sweet bakery products. The team also supported plant trials with our in-house technical specialists to help ensure optimal results.

Our simple solution: CitraBlend® Ex. This ready-to-dose functional ingredient system replaces liquid whole eggs while maintaining the target texture and mouthfeel in celebration-style cakes. CitraBlend® Ex replaces liquid whole eggs in sweet bakery products like muffins and cakes. It is easy due to its combination of clean-label, functional ingredients.

CitraBlend® Ex offers up to a 50% reduction of liquid whole eggs while maintaining the original product characteristics without the added cost. It is composed of:

  • Citrus fiber
  • Tapioca starch
  • Potato protein
  • Guar gum
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Salt

The benefits of CitraBlend® Ex 

By using CitraBlend® Ex in the new cake mix blend, the customer maintained their original product characteristics and decreased the amount of liquid whole eggs by 25%, resulting in notable cost savings.

The unique combination of functional ingredients in CitraBlend® Ex enabled the customer to replace the critical functionality of liquid whole eggs in their original mix: aeration, emulsification, moisture binding, and structure building.


Additionally, the customer even noticed an improvement in slicing their layer cakes with significantly reduced breakage and crumbs.

This solution delivered peace of mind from ingredient price unpredictability. It enabled the producer to continue servicing their clients with the delicious and tender cakes they love using recognizable, non-GMO ingredients.


Lower ingredient price volatility and maintain original product quality by replacing 25% of liquid whole eggs with easy-to-use, clean-label, non-GMO functional ingredients.


CitraBlend® Ex from Citrus Extracts enabled liquid whole eggs to be reduced by 25% in celebration-style cakes, improved resilience with reduced waste, and delivered peace of mind for price volatility through cost savings.

Recorded Benefits

  • Clean label functional ingredient solution was developed to reduce the cost volatility of liquid whole eggs in sweet bakery products while maintaining the same great texture and mouthfeel.
  • Formulation using a ready-to-use combination of citrus fiber, tapioca starch, potato protein, guar gum, sodium bicarbonate, and salt mimicked the performance of liquid whole eggs in celebration-style cakes by contributing aeration, emulsification, moisture binding, and structure building.

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