Defunkify is an emerging company on a journey to continuous improvement, determined to provide the market with environmentally conscious, safe, high-performing home cleaning products reliant on green chemistry. Univar Solutions joined this journey to help Defunkify reformulate its liquid laundry detergent and replace single-use plastic packaging with an easily recyclable non-plastic container.

The new formulation introduces the latest enzyme technologies to help boost performance for stain and odor removal.

Our homecare and industrial cleaning formulation laboratory at the Houston Solution Center conducted performance testing to validate that the new laundry formula will perform compared to the competitive benchmarks. This testing included multiple rounds of stain swatch cleaning, varying enzyme lead and dosage levels on protease-responsive and surfactant-responsive stains. Additional testing was conducted on swatches containing extracellular DNA (eDNA), which correlates to body grime and odor elimination.

With Defunkify's mission to produce environmentally safe, low-impact products came a variety of standards the formula must meet: EPA Safer Choice, Green Seal, Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified Guide to Healthy Cleaning, Leaping Bunny, Whole Foods Standards, Target Clean Criteria, no sulfates, 1,4-dioxane regulations compliant, and readily biodegradable. We provide regulatory support to help customers attain NGO approvals and meet these standards.

Being a global company with an extensive North American footprint and reliable supply chain solutions, Univar Solutions was able to assist with the transition from U.S.-based production to Canada and provide continuity of supply and logistics support.

Building on the success of the enzymatic liquid laundry detergent, we also helped Defunkify optimize and expand their sustainable cleaning product line, including its stain remover spray, powder detergent, dishwasher detergent, and hand dishwash (launching soon).

Recorded Benefits:

  • Saved time researching ingredients and identifying applications
  • Improved formulas with top-performing raw materials that met environmental safety standards ( EPA Safer Choice, Green Seal, EWG Verified)
  • Helped minimize testing cost and time


Defunkify is on a mission to offer sustainable products and packaging, presenting an opportunity to help them identify the latest green cleaning technologies that are tough on stains and odors and compatible with easily recyclable packaging.


  • Presented best-in-class enzyme technologies and guidance for incorporating into a new Defunkify formulation
  • Conducted multiple rounds of stain swatch cleaning testing in the laundry detergent to validate cleaning performance and help determine the correct recommended dosage level for optimal cleaning; testing included eDNA removal which correlates to body grime/odor elimination


Using our formulation guidance, Defunkify was able to provide a more sustainable, higher performing homecare cleaning product to the market, while also saving time and testing expenses.

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