With nine chemical ingredient and bulk distribution centers and 715,000 square feet of storage in your region, we can handle your critical business needs.

We've got your back! In your local area, you can rely on:



400 tanks used to hold inventory of up to 5.2 million gallons of key solvents, inorganic chemistries (such as caustic soda, caustic potash, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, bleach), surfactants and other commonly used chemicals.


Rail Spaces

81 rail spaces to keep more materials locally accessible to support your local bulk needs.



Our own private fleet of 100 trucks operated by our professionally trained drivers offering safer, more reliable and on time deliveries.

We also offer:

MiniBulk on-site storage, sanitation and cleaning solutions

ChemCare™ waste management solutions 

Univar Solutions Great Lake District

Building successful relationships with our customers

With reliability, service and our local support team, we have your back no matter where you are or what industry you're in. From our account managers and customer solutions representatives to our warehouse staff and truck drivers, you can count on us.


Specialty lab services

Innovating at the intersection of science, technology and consumer trends, Univar Solutions partners with customers and suppliers to create high-performing products and sustainable formulations.

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