A DSM study explores the pigmentation effects of blue light irradiation on skin and how to protect against them.

Visible light, in particular blue light, has been identified as an additional contributor to cutaneous photoaging. However, clinical studies demonstrating the effect of blue light on photoaging are still scarce, and so far, most studies have focused on broad‐spectrum visible light. Although there is evidence for increased skin pigmentation, the underlying mechanisms of photoaging in vivo are still unclear. Furthermore, there is still a need for active ingredients to significantly protect against blue light‐induced hyperpigmentation in vivo.

Aim of the study

The study performed by DSM had two aims:

  1. To detect visible changes in skin pigmentation following repeated irradiation of the skin with LED‐based blue light
  2. To reduce pigmentation using suitable active ingredients

In vivo data

The study resulted in a comprehensive review of the outstanding in vivo properties of Niacinamide PC as a form of protection against blue light-induced pigmentation, including:

- In vivo data on the protective effect of Niacinamide PC against blue light-induced pigmentation on skin

- In vivo data on the protective effect of Niacinamide PC against blue light-induced erythema on skin

- New and robust in vivo protocol to measure blue light-induced effects on skin


Hyperpigmentation and skin reddening was mitigated by a formulation containing 3% Niacinamide PC. The protective effect against blue light in vivo was measured as follows:

  • Significantly decreased erythema after blue light irradiation by Niacinamide PC
  • Significantly modulated blue light irradiation effects, such as pigmentation, erythema, and chromophore content

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