Calcium Chloride Anhydrous 94-97% - Technical Grade - 50 lb Bag

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Bag  (50 lbs)
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Technical grade calcium chloride anhydrous is a white crystalline salt that is primarily used for industrial and commercial applications. It is a form of calcium chloride that does not contain any water molecules in its chemical structure, and has the chemical formula CaCl2. Technical grade calcium chloride anhydrous is produced through a variety of methods, including the reaction of calcium carbonate with hydrochloric acid or the reaction of calcium hydroxide with ammonium chloride. The resulting product is a dry, granular or powdered material that is highly soluble in water and hygroscopic, meaning it can absorb moisture from the air. Due to its high solubility and ability to absorb moisture, it is commonly used as a desiccant to remove moisture from gases and liquids. It can also be used as a de-icer to melt snow and ice on roads and sidewalks, as well as a concrete accelerator to speed up the setting and hardening of concrete. Technical grade calcium chloride anhydrous is a versatile industrial chemical that is valued for its solubility, hygroscopicity, and ability to act as a drying agent and source of calcium.
Product No. 16144786
Supplier Univar Solutions
CAS Number 10043-52-4,7789-41-5


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Prohibited Uses
For intended use only. Not for the use in personal care industry
0.8169 - 0.9130 g/cm3

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