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Oleic Acid

Offering oleic acid from domestic and international sources produced with a wide range of feedstocks

Univar Solutions offers the broadest range of oleic acids in the oleochemical industry. Our products are derived from tallow and vegetable feedstocks. Our oleic acid product line includes materials that are food grade, USP/NF, kosher, and halal certified. We offer oleic contents ranging from 70% to 90%, with varying Iodine Value and Titer options.  Univar Solutions distributes Emery’s EMERSOL®, Vantage’s VOLEIC™, Eastman’s PAMOLYN™, and TRT’s TROL Oleic Acids.  We also offer a line of private label oleic acids to meet the market’s needs.

With more than 120 distribution centers nationwide, our efficient private fleet with dedicated drivers, and our partnership with world-class suppliers, Univar Solutions is ready to serve your Oleic Acid needs.


  • 100% naturally derived
    • Vegetable origin is palm, pine, canola, or sunflower
    • Animal origin is bleached fancy tallow
  • Long chain fatty acid
  • Low and high titer materials
  • Low and high iodine value materials
  • Resistant to oxidation and rancidity
  • Chemical intermediate for multiple end uses


  • Tech grade
  • Food grade
  • Kosher certified
  • Halal certified
  • Vegetable origin
  • Animal origin
  • Low titer and high titer

Size available

  • Bulk rail car
  • Bulk tank truck
  • Totes (IBC)
  • Drums


Chemical manufacturing

Esters, amides, amines, soaps, food additives


Alkyd resins, plasticizers

Personal care

Skin care, hair care, color cosmetics


Emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors for drilling muds

Lubricants & metalworking

Group IV base oils, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers


Specialty industrial & household cleaners

Paper Chemicals



Emulsifier, anti-strip


Air entrainment, mold release, curing agent