Sanitization practices are increasing across a range of industrial, commercial and institutional settings. As a leading chemical and ingredient distributor, we connect brands to the most advanced cleaning technologies and products formulated to meet the latest standards and requirements in health, safety and environmental responsibility.

Univar Solutions is the exclusive distributor of Novonesis' global portfolio of enzymatic and microbial solutions designed to provide a greener alternative for your professional and industrial cleaning needs.

Sustainable and powerful cleaning solutions

Strong sustainability claims are giving brands a competitive advantage. Organizations of all sizes are seeking professional cleaning solutions that are effective and balance consumer health and safety – everyday products that meet eco-friendly claims and benefit global sustainability initiatives.

Enzymes and microbes are powerful cleaning ingredients derived from nature and catalysts that can boost your formulation's performance biologically. Novonesis biotechnology blends offer eco-friendly benefits without compromising on powerful cleaning performance.

How enzymes work to clean organically

Enzymes naturally target and break down the toughest food-based and human-made stains, while microbes deliver continuous, long-lasting cleaning action after initial application. Both perform effectively to enhance your overall cleaning process using nature's formula. 

Discover how our portfolio of Novonesis' enzymes and microbes enables formulators to meet the latest trends and consumer demands for sustainable products with powerful performance.

Biotechnology benefits for professional cleaning

Cleaning in place

Help your facility meet food safety standards and extend equipment life with clean-in-place solutions from Novonesis. 

Food service

Enhance efficiency with Novonesis' enzymatic and microbial solutions to quickly break down organic waste and odors in drains, grease interceptors and hard surfaces.

Medical cleaning

Advanced enzymes applied in the proper dose can enhance cleaning, sanitization and sterilization in multiple health care applications. Learn more about medical cleaning solutions from Novonesis. 

Odor control

Breaking down the organic materials that cause unpleasant odors to linger on hard surfaces and fabrics is the most efficient way to neutralize them. Novonesis' enzymatic and microbial solutions can help.

Professional laundry

Stay competitive with cleaning solutions designed to help lower the need to rewash, helping to save water and energy consumption and extending the lifetime of textiles.


An inefficient dishwashing station means an inefficient restaurant. Reduce rewash rates with biosolutions that effectively and naturally break down stubborn food stains.

How microbes are shaping the future of clean

Not all bacteria were created equal. Beneficial microbes play a valuable role inside the home and in society. Novonesis is at the forefront of researching and applying the benefits of innovative probiotic cleaning. Explore how probiotics and microbes are transforming homecare and industrial cleaning.

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