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How are regulations, ingredient trends, and natural and sustainable products shaping the future of clean?

Our 2022 virtual summit focuses on industry discussion about key topics and product discovery at a time when collaboration and learning are essential. The topics covered will help brands and manufacturers evolve the homecare and industrial cleaning industry and change how the world views commercial cleaning.

The future of clean - Innovation summit

Leadership Roundtable

Moderated by American Cleaning Institute (ACI)

Brian Sansoni
Senior VP, Communications, Outreach & Membership, ACI

Aaron Lee
VP Homecare & Industrial Cleaning, Univar Solutions

Sandra Friis-Jensen
Business Unit Director, Household Care, Novozymes

Lauren James
Global Business Director, Dow

Christophe Cartier
Marketing Director Home & Personal Care, Solvay

Ingredient tech talks + application deep dives

Featuring the latest specialty cleaning solutions and ingredient innovations from Dow, Novozymes, Solvay, and Sasol

Spotlight sessions for a more in-depth look at the latest ingredient technologies and applications that are shaping a cleaner future for the industry.

Regulatory 101: Where regulatory trends, toxicology, innovation, and product safety meet

Join us for an engaging spotlight session where Dow will share insights on how regulations, product safety, and consumer trends are driving new innovation through predictive toxicology testing and regulatory advocacy in the Homecare and Industrial cleaning space.

We will also get a closer look at Dow's powerhouse surfactants that bring into focus biodegradability, improved performance, and EPA Safer Choice certification options for a cleaner future.

Microbial Cleaners: The Market and the Science

Join us in a conversation with Novozymes about the innovative concept of adding microbes to household cleaners. We'll explore some of the market drivers, discuss technical proof-of-concept studies, and highlight industry-wide challenges.

Bioderived Solvents and other considerations for eco-friendly cleaning products

Discover how Solvay's sustainable ingredient options contribute to safer, cleaner and more eco-friendly products for homes and the families that live in them. Join our discussion and find out how their product stewardship will help brands and manufacturers navigate strategic sustainability choices for new product launches.

Surfactants: Maximizing hard surface cleaners with biodegradable options

Hear from Sasol's experts as we explore their biodegradable surfactant ingredient options and find out how their sustainable innovations are shifting how we think of hard surface cleaning performance and a cleaner world.

What we'll cover:

  • How is the cleaning industry supporting a better world without compromising disinfection, safety, and cleaning performance?
  • Regulatory requirements and challenges we must overcome
  • Why does sustainability mean more than just a "green" claim across the cleaning market's value chain?
  • How are ingredient suppliers reshaping the future of clean through technical innovation and product development?
  • How is distribution contributing to natural and sustainable approaches in the cleaning market?
  • Take a closer look at bio-based and "green" cleaning trends for the I&I market
  • Key challenges facing the surfactants industry
  • Optimizing ethical manufacturing processes where less material does more
  • Ingredients and label concerns: Clean Label, Safer Choice ingredient listings, Nordic Swan
  • Optimizing cleaning ingredients for a disinfectant-focused generation; challenges and opportunities

Register now and join the conversation with the American Cleaning Institute and key ingredient and specialty chemicals industry leaders.

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