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Six ways the right distributor adds value to your business

The past several years have tested the grit of the chemical and ingredient industry like never before. To support diverse markets while rising to the challenges presented by supply chain disruptions, changing regulations, and shifting consumer preferences, chemical and ingredient leaders must explore solutions that go beyond distribution and enhance the entire value chain. In this white paper, we've identified six key business drivers that define how – as technical accelerators and supply chain connectors – we are shaping the future of distribution.

White Paper


Download our white paper to gain insights from executives and experts who are helping shape the future of specialty chemical and ingredient distribution.

Bringing scale, reliability, and innovation to global markets

As a global leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, Univar Solutions brings innovations to market faster through our deep expertise and reliable, resilient network. Positioning ahead of market disruptions, we are delivering sustainability, digitalization, marketing, and technical offerings that are redefining the industry and meeting customers where they are to help them scale, grow, and sustain.

How we're redefining distribution

Delivering the right blend of ingredients, chemicals, and value-added services

As trusted and reliable partners, our industry experts compiled key insights to define the future of distribution. They identified six business drivers that are the backbone of our business as we continue to move forward, add value, and help global industries position for long-term success.

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Industry focus

Specific industry, region, and product line expertise with the ability to meet customer and supplier needs on a global scale.

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Pervasive, sustainable, and safe practices that protect the planet, help grow business, and build a better tomorrow for future generations.

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Technical acumen

Strong innovation expertise and the ability to deliver practical solutions that meet the latest trends, regulatory requirements, and ESG goals.

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Integrating digital technology and AI for e-commerce, marketing, R&D, or smart supply chain operations.

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The ability to find and serve suppliers and customers in all stages of the product development cycle and customer experience journey.

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Full-service distribution capabilities and a vast network that leverages the global supply chain at the local and regional levels.

A global partner for your long-term success

While the chemical and ingredient distribution business remains challenging, our position is strong. We are confident that the right combination of these ingredients will be the formula for success.

We believe distribution leaders must:

  • Continue to deliver safe and reliable supply to meet market demands;
  • Adapt to the latest technologies to innovate, streamline, and grow;
  • Expand sustainable and natural product offerings; and
  • Connect customers to the essential chemicals and foundational ingredients that are vital to our daily lives using digital tools and technologies.

As we gear up to meet tomorrow's challenges, we've never been more excited about the future of chemical and ingredient distribution.

Our strong team of accomplished experts

David Jukes
President & CEO

“In our continuous journey to better serve our suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, we’re always looking deeper, keeping a close eye on market trends, and examining all of our products, processes, and operations to find ways to do things better. As we gear up to meet tomorrow’s challenges, we have never been more excited about the future.”

Nick Powell
President, Global Ingredients & Specialties, President, EMEA & APAC

“Our sales, marketing, and product management teams are all aligned to the specific industries they serve—delivering specialty products in line with market trends and differentiated technical and application development services. Our model leverages global scale and local touch, collaborating with customers as they develop their next commercial success.”

Jim Holcomb
President, Chemicals & Services, North America

"A leader of the future in the chemical and ingredient industry will redefine distribution with a reliable and sustainable network by mastering supply chain management, leveraging technology to be more agile, and promoting sustainability."

Brian Jurcak
Senior Vice President, Product Marketing Management & Global Trade

"Chemical and ingredient distributors can create value by investing in expertise, ensuring breadth and depth of supply, delivering customized experiences, and planning ahead."

Nigel Hayes
Senior Vice President, Chemicals & Services, EMEA

“As the chemical and ingredients industry navigates its way through ongoing uncertainty, distributors can be the galvanizers across an end-to-end ecosystem, from suppliers to end users. They can lead the way and inspire hope by pursuing initiatives to ensure that customers have the products they need, when they need them.”

Rob Whitney
Vice President, Global Marketing

"Conducting marketing activities by blending digital precision with human touch to meet suppliers and customers where they are, anticipating supplier and customer future needs, and thinking globally, but executing regionally, will drive growth to the chemical and ingredient business."

Steve Martinez
Vice President, Digital Solutions

"Digital connectivity better streamlines the customer experience. Unlocking the power of digital tools by putting the customer at the center of everything, evolving along with suppliers and customers, and digitizing globally across the footprint is where we are seeing the digital innovation space heading in chemical and ingredient distribution."

Kelly Gilroy
Vice President, Sustainable & Natural Products

"Sustainability drives growth at Univar Solutions, as we take a holistic approach to sustainability, working to excel at sustainable innovation, and bringing clarity to the market."

Dr. Andrew Mint
Director, Global Solution Centers

"At Univar Solutions, we use technical leadership to distinguish specialty providers by building a global research and development presence with localized expertise, using artificial intelligence tools to expand reach and collaboration, and collaborating closely on innovation projects."

Liam McCarroll
Director, Global Sustainability

“One of our top priorities at Univar Solutions is implementing the technology, processes, and culture to reduce our own energy emissions – and those produced throughout our supply chain – 20% by 2025, 40% by 2030 and achieve net-zero direct emissions by 2050.”

Dr. Dejana Drew
Director, Global Innovation & Technology

“Customers need to access all our digital platforms – marketing, technical, e-commerce, invoicing – in the same way we do. We’re all trying to make progress in unison, because there’s no point in pushing two parts of our business along if we leave three parts behind. This will ease the digital transition for our suppliers and customers.”


What is the Future of Distribution? Six Business Drivers for Chemicals & Ingredients

White Paper


Download our white paper to gain insights from executives and experts who are helping shape the future of specialty chemical and ingredient distribution.

Case studies: Discover formulas for success

From creating digital solutions that help improve customer experiences to developing an ecosystem of innovation in our formulation labs, Univar Solutions is redefining distribution and bringing sustainable solutions forward. Explore how we provide value-added services to help suppliers and customers solve their toughest operational and supply chain challenges.

Browse our case studies and learn how distribution is creating value through product expertise, ingenuity, and reliability.


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