Feeding billions takes problem solving to new levels. How to maintain healthy soils? How to create more nutritious foods and weather-resistant crops? How to increase yields? These are challenging problems for the agriculture industry. Bringing together the right people and the right technologies is the place to start.

Your chemistry partner

Having one of the broadest portfolios of chemistries and biological solutions in the business is the easy part. Univar Solutions backs those products with people who can enhance your team. Our scientists can work to ensure you are including the right ingredients and share your desire to create the best product for efficacy, efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

We offer a global portfolio of high-quality chemicals, specialty ingredients, and raw materials – as well as packaging services, custom blending, and lab services – to support the growing agricultural industry worldwide.

Seasons change. Our expertise shifts with them. 

At Univar Solutions we understand a strong yield at the end of the season starts well before the first seed is planted. We also understand that environmental conditions can force adjustments to inputs at any time. Manufacturers need a partner that can supply the materials they need throughout the season – a partner who can pivot and handle any mid-season surprises, so growers can rest easy knowing we've got them covered.

From soil preparation to harvest, the right inputs can have a big impact on the bottom line.

Soil Health

Plant Nutrition

Crop Defense

Biological Solutions

Harvest Preparation

Agriculture Line Card

Explore our innovative products and solutions for the agriculture industry. 

Global reach and distribution network

With a history of distribution excellence in the chemical and ingredient space, we work closely with customers to deliver reliable, lab tested, and compliant technical solutions backed by a global transportation network, specialized teams of scientists and chemists, and an unrivaled portfolio of suppliers.

Whether to prolong equipment life or build stronger products for agriculture retailers and producers, we provide the products, services, and technical solutions you need to develop and optimize your formulations and custom blends – and the distribution network to get products to market faster.

We support ag producers and retailers with:

  • Wide selection of chemical products, organic certified ingredients, and blends
  • Custom blending, tolling, and packaging services
  • Global Solution Centers: fully equipped and specialized facilities and labs for application testing
  • Domestic and import supply chain solutions and logistics support
  • Insights covering supply and demand dynamics, pricing, and feedstocks
  • Safe, responsible handling, warehousing, and transportation
  • Security of supply and operations

Coming Season

Our goal is to keeping you ahead of the game. Like yours, our focus changes with the seasons, so we stock and deliver the chemistries and biological solutions you need for what's coming.


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