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One thing is sure about the future of beauty, it’s multifaceted. Consumers demand more from their products and are willing to pay for performance. Texture is king, from sprays to serums and drops, to sticks, thick silky creams and unctuous lotions, essences and more. New product development is a sprint, not a marathon, and the competition is fierce. BeautyLAB is a series of tried and true tips and tricks on formulating around some of the most difficult challenges. Throughout our global Solution Centers, our highly-trained specialists investigate and problem-solve to develop eco-friendly, science-backed, high-performance formulas which are the way forward.

BeautyLAB will focus on specific segments around the globe, including sun care, skin care and hair care. We will be using and testing our world class suppliers’ ingredients to create formulations that meet the rigorous demands of our customers.


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