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Luxury Redefined: Affordable beauty and cosmetics formulas

Redefine luxury cosmetic brand formulations for less. Discover the transformative power of affordable luxury in our innovative beauty and personal care formulas.

In the past, luxury in the beauty and personal care industry was associated with high price tags, exclusive ingredients, and lavish packaging.

Now, the industry is witnessing a shift toward reformulating what luxury means – acknowledging that consumers aspire to indulge in affordable high-quality makeup products without overspending.

Affordability has become the new face of luxury, a concept that resonates strongly with beauty influencers in 2024, capitalizing on the "luxury for less" trend.

Formulating beauty and personal care products with luxurious ingredients while keeping costs reasonable is a challenging task for beauty producers. The key is striking a balance between maintaining product efficacy and accessibility to a broader, more diverse beauty consumer base.

In 2024, beauty brands are addressing these challenges by sourcing innovative ingredients, leveraging technology, and adopting sustainable practices. This varied approach allows them to redefine luxury by offering high-quality and affordable makeup products.

Introducing innovative ingredients for efficient, sustainable luxury on a budget

To solve your formulation challenges with affordable cosmetics solutions, Univar Solutions Beauty and Personal Care ingredient specialists have selected premier ingredients to help you create your next budget beauty innovation.

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