Nature inspired make-up and remover ingredients on a pink backgroundNature inspired make-up and remover ingredients on a pink background
Woman in bathrobe washing face with nature inspired make-up removerWoman in bathrobe washing face with nature inspired make-up remover

All-in-one ingredient solutions for make-up applications to start your morning and mild remover to wash the day away – inspired through natural products.

The make-up category is one of the highest growing areas in our post-COVID world. Customers do not want to compromise between efficiency and naturality. Allow Univar Solutions to present ingredients and formulations that will inspire and support your development of long-lasting make-up and effective make-up remover.

Ingredient solutions for long-lasting make-up and effective make-up remover

Natural pigment suspending agent and emollient

BioEstolides™  by Biosynthetic Technologies are bio-based emollients that are natural, sustainable and come with a wide range of superior performance benefits for the skin, enhancing the skin elasticity and also hydrates, softens and smooths the skin surface without leaving an oily or greasy residue on the skin.

These multi-functional, eco-friendly ingredients are derived from Castor and provide a luxurious sensory experience with a NEGATIVE carbon footprint. 

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Natural polymer for rub-off resistance

MaizeCare™ Style Polymer by Dow is a naturally derived polymer with exceptional humidity resistance. Hydro-dispersible and without any impact on the viscosity, this polymer can be used in wild range of textures like sprays, waxes and gel creams. For make-up, it imparts styling durability and excellent humidity resistance. For brows and lash applications, it reduces humid rub-off resistance and long-lasting colour without any compromise.

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Film former for color products with proven efficiency and planet conscious 

DOWSIL™ FA PEPS Silicone Acrylate by Dow is a high performing film former that helps design long-lasting color cosmetics and skin care products with increased natural origin content. You can move forward on your sustainability journey while meeting consumers’ high expectations. The product even carries a sustainability message in its name: Proven Efficiency and Planet Savvy (PEPS).

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Natural vitamin for skin repair 

Quali® E D-ALPHA-TOCOPHERYL ACETATE by dsm-firmenich is one of the most widely used active ingredients in the beauty industry. Vitamin E has proven antioxidant effects, enhances moisturization and strengthens the skin barrier. Vitamin E helps to counteract the appearance of inflammation linked to oxidative processes through downregulation of its mediators. As one of the most powerful oil-soluble antioxidants and free-radical scavengers available today, Vitamin E plays a crucial role in oxidative regeneration of skin exposed to stressors.

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Anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger for face care 

STAY-C® 50 by dsm-firmenich is a powerful in-vivo anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger with broad multi-functional benefits. STAY-C® 50 reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and acne for teenagers as well as adults. Stimulating the production of collagen and increasing skin firmness, STAY-C® 50 contributes to the efficacy of anti-aging products. STAY-C® 50 offers superior stability in formulations compared to straight ascorbic acid. The easily water-soluble monophosphate ester of ascorbic acid is bio-converted into Vitamin C by phosphatases present in the skin.

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Ecocert matte color effect and sebum absorption

VALVANCE® Touch 210 by dsm-firmenich is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved, and preservative free. VALVANCE® Touch 210 offers anti-shine with a silky touch and lightweight feel across skincare applications. It provides a dry touch, faster absorption and reduced stickiness for improved sensory performance in suncare as well as for dry shampoos. VALVANCE™ Touch 210 is a powder consisting of highly porous spherical silica (non-nano) with fast-acting sweat and oil absorption versus alternative grades.

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Natural sensory modifier and color enhancer

LexFeel® Vibrant MB by INOLEX is a sensory modifying polyol polyester that enhances sensorial properties and textures of emulsions and anhydrous systems. In color cosmetics, LexFeel® Vibrant MB improves pay-off and vibrancy of pigments. Unlike typical waxes and butters, LexFeel® Vibrant MB is a unique, polymeric wax which stays clear when mixed with other clear oil phase ingredients, therefore enhancing color quality in anhydrous applications such as lipsticks.

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Ecocert approved rheology modifier and sensory agent for color cosmetics

Versagel HSQ by Penreco offers a silicone-free alternative to oil-based and emulsion formulas. The gelled structure is based on Hemisqualane (C13-15 Alkane) combined with a patented block copolymer technology. Hemisqualane is a non-volatile emollient derived from plant sugar and is inherently biodegradable, ECOCERT-approved, NPA Natural Seal Certified, and a USDA Certified bio-based product. It provides a light, non-greasy and silky feel, and serves ian effective alternative to petroleum and silicone- based ingredients. The gelled version provides additional benefits of a rheology modifier and a suspension agent for a wide range of cosmetic and personal care applications.

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Inspiration through formulation – formulations for long-lasting make-up and mild make-up remover


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