Solutions for Plastics

Better Plastics from Formulation to Production

Univar Solutions is your partner in formulating better plastics. We deliver higher-performing products directly to our customers to improve durability, performance, and workability from Solvay, Eastman, Kraton, and Cabot.

Our technical teams can provide the necessary expertise and solution-driven services for your next project.

As the new and exclusive supplier of Solvay polymer additives, we can offer products that perform better and last longer. Solvay has a wide range of interior and exterior products to meet your needs.

Solvay additives deliver the long-lasting color and improved strength the market demands. Appropriate for use in a wide variety of plastics, Solvay additives will keep your products looking and functioning like new, increasing customer satisfaction with the end product.

Exclusively designed to prevent appearance degradation, Solvay additives help prevent:

  • Discoloration
  • Photobleaching
  • Surface crazing
  • Cracking
  • Hazing
  • Loss of gloss

Prevent physical degradation and loss of:

  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Impact strength

Eastman has the broadest range of pure monomer resin products on the market and is a recognized expert in resin-polymer interaction. Eastman resins help you build tough, durable, and easy to process end products. 

Eastman products are designed to help you meet market needs:

  • Highly color stable water white resins formulated with a variety of pure aromatic hydrocarbon monomer
  • Fine tuning TPE compounds to improve processability and mechanical properties
  • Increased tear and tensile strength properties to control hardness
  • Lower VOC options with lower odor

Kraton is the recognized market leader in styrene block copolymer innovation. Kraton polymers expand and enhance the performance of your compounded products and can be used in plastics modification to improve strength, elasticity, and to improve durability. Kraton polymers can also be used as a performance additive to compatibilize different thermoplastic materials resulting in long-term clarity and stability. 

Kraton polymers:

  • Are highly oil extendable and provide good compound flow.
  • Improve strength and flow properties for consumer durables.
  • Enhance performance at elevated temperatures.
  • Provides excellent adhesion properties.
  • Products that meet FDA and EU food contact requirements as well as a broad range of compounds for use in medical applications.
  • A wide variety of grades available that provide excellent clarity, enhanced touch and feel, improved elasticity and impact resistance, and improved compatibility.

As a leading global manufacturer of carbon black for over 130 years, Cabot carbon black pigment’s molding applications meet or exceed critical performance criteria not only for color properties but for surface smoothness and processability, as well.

Trust Cabot to provide you the color, weatherability, and performance you need without compromising reliability. Our high-quality, well-established products have numerous processing and performance benefits that will help drive your product’s performance.

Cabot specialty carbon blacks:

  • Improve performance and extend the useful life of your products
  • Are formulated to meet application-specific needs
  • Are manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Proven for use in a wide range of industries including:
    • Automotive
    • Wire and cable
    • Pressure pipe
    • Film and sheet
    • More

When dispersing Cabot carbon blacks it is important to have the right dispersant.  With Solvay Rhodoline® high-performing dispersants there is an option, contact us to find the right one.