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There are unlimited common uses for polyurethane products spanning multiple global industries. Learn how Univar Solutions and our suppliers can help you find high-quality and sustainable PU chemicals for your business.

You can make anything from polyurethane material, including our shoes and vehicles, to home and office insulation. The versatility of polyurethane uses – especially PU foam – has been a game changer for industries across the globe as they have discovered new and dynamic ways to employ the chemistry in their products, including:

  • Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Construction (foams, elastomers, coatings, and more)
  • Flooring (especially wood flooring finishes)
  • Footwear
  • Roofing

By using versatile polymer chemistry, PU formulation possibilities are almost infinite. As a polyurethane chemical supplier, our complete product line is specifically designed to meet a wide range of application needs, including:

Colorful rubber-soled flip flops Colorful rubber-soled flip flops


Urethanes are some of the most durable and resilient coating and adhesive systems.


Whether hot or cold cast, Univar Solutions offers a range of isocyanates, polyols, and additives that will help you meet your required flexibility, modulus, environmental resistance, and reaction speed.

Polyurethane foam

Our extensive line of polymers, foam stabilizers, and additives allows you to select the right density, flexibility, resilience, and open/closed-cell system for your application.

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Polyurethane sustainability

Univar Solutions and our supplier partners are here to help our customers develop their PU formulations to meet their needs while meeting the needs of a sustainable future. We are here to help customers focus on their respective sustainability targets that deliver on performance, profitability, and environmental safety.

Formulations for industrial PU applications

Whether you specialize in plastics manufacturing or insulation foam, we have the technical expertise and capabilities to help polyurethane suppliers find the best formulation solutions.

CASE, Rubber & Plastic Additives Lab Services

Take your formulations to the next level with performance, sustainability, and cost-effective solutions. Look to our broad product line of specialty chemicals and ingredients and dedicated team of technical specialists and formulation labs to help solve your next challenge.

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We deliver innovative solutions from a full breadth of specialty and commodity products from top-tier suppliers. Uncover ways Univar Solutions can help your business succeed and grow. Connect with us to explore our range of solutions and get started.