Water droplings repelling on a surface treated with coating chemicals. With the words "Infinite Innovations by Univar Solutions"Water droplings repelling on a surface treated with coating chemicals. With the words "Infinite Innovations by Univar Solutions"
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What is the future of the coatings markets?

Infinite Innovations for your coatings business

Increasing demand for environmentally friendly coatings are driving product innovation across multiple markets and commercial applications. Learn how Univar Solutions and our suppliers can help you select innovative high-performance coatings solutions for VOC reduction,  APE free options, reflective roof applications, and more.

Infinite Innovations in Sustainable Coatings

Learn from leading suppliers and Univar Solutions technical experts about today's advanced coating materials in our Infinite Innovations webinar series.

Sustainable coatings solutions and innovative coating technologies

Why sustainable coating is important

More than an aspiration, sustainability is quickly becoming a key performance indicator shaping the future of the commercial coatings market. As a sustainability leader in the chemicals and ingredients space, Univar Solutions is a specialty solutions provider for all your raw material and ingredient needs. Working with premium ingredient suppliers, we'll work to positively impact product commercialization and success as your sustainable paints and coatings distribution partner.

As innovative coating industries look to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and develop more environmentally friendly coatings, Univar Solutions is your sustainable source for bringing coating technologies and innovations forward. Our specialty ingredient solutions promote product performance improvements and sustainability benefits to support your ESG goals. 

As a coating ingredients supplier, our complete product line is specifically designed to meet a wide range of application needs:

Hand holding an air compression sprayer misting sustainable coatingsHand holding an air compression sprayer misting sustainable coatings

APEO Free / APE Free

To meet growing concerns around APEO and APE containing products, many suppliers are now offering surfactants and additives to replace these raw materials.

White Reflective Roof Coatings

Elastomeric, reflective, and water resistance are top considerations for today's advanced roof coating materials and sustainable metal coatings.

High-Performance Maintenance Coatings

The latest maintenance coating materials can help you design for superior performance, with protection and durability against weathering and cost savings benefits.


Formulating for low VOC promotes safety, handling, reduced odor, and regulatory benefits, plus innovative performance improvements such as scrub resistance and better hardness development.

High Solids Coatings

High solids are an eco-friendly option providing high durability, with fewer coatings needed, and better safety, in addition to helping save on the amount of water shipped.

Profitable growth in the green coatings market

As the coatings industry focuses on transitioning products and business to more sustainable options, Univar Solutions has the product know-how and technical acumen to support commercial success. We've identified key technical considerations and supply chain issues you'll need to know to get started or continue on the sustainability journey.

Sustainability considerations include:

  • Reduction/elimination of toxics such as ammonia, formaldehyde, odor masking agents, fungicides, and VOCs
  • Recycled content
  • Alternative paints and coatings materials
  • Durability
  • Packaging and circularity
Water droplets on a solar panel after rainWater droplets on a solar panel after rain

Now available: Download our sustainable line card and essential guide to sustainable coatings

How to add sustainability to your next project

Formulations for sustainable coatings applications

Whether you specialize in manufacturing coatings for architectural, automotive, construction, or other industrial markets, we have the technical expertise and capabilities to help you find the best formulation solutions for your needs.