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Enzymes are ideal processing aids for the distilling industry, offering sustainable benefits to improve alcohol fermentation and distilling processes while giving distillers a competitive advantage to produce better-quality products. Sourced from nature and using the power of biology, enzymes are the eco-friendly, biodegradable and high-performing processing aids you need to get started on your next batch.

Univar Solutions is the exclusive North American distributor for enzyme solutions from Novonesis, with global reach in the European and Latin American markets to support distillers around the world. Explore our sustainable ingredient portfolio for small-batch crafters to major distilleries.

Rethink your distilling process for more sustainable, efficient production. Enzymes require less water and energy consumption while also improving alcohol yields, quality and output.

Enzyme blends for better crafted products

With enzymes by Novozymes, fine spirit makers can enhance their distilling and fermentation processes for a better yield and bottom line. The benefits to using enzymatic blends for your next batch include improved liquefaction and saccharification (maximizing your fermentable sugar yield), enhanced processing and reduced viscosity for increased capacity.

bottles of distilled spiritsbottles of distilled spirits
Man in lab coat working on distillery equipmentMan in lab coat working on distillery equipment

Enhance your distilling process using enzymes

Enzymatic treatment of distiller's grains (raw materials) in the cooking process helps enhance the conversion of starch to fermentable sugars. Improving this process results in a faster fermentation and higher alcohol yields. Using a multi-enzyme blend can also help lower mash viscosity, which means higher dry solids levels for higher output. Using enzymes to lower viscosity also reduces energy and water costs for more efficient and sustainable production for your distillery.

Reduce cost of your liquefaction system

Novonesis’ advanced thermostable alpha-amylases help distillers achieve higher ethanol yields through lower mash viscosity. These processing aids work across a broad pH range without needing additional calcium, helping distillers save on energy and chemical consumption costs for more effective and efficient processing.

celebrating with a cocktail cheercelebrating with a cocktail cheer
man pouring a crafted martini at a barman pouring a crafted martini at a bar

Improve your fermentation throughput and performance

Heat-stable dual- and multi-enzyme blends from Novonesis can improve the fermentation process by increasing the conversion in your cook for better throughput and performance. Enzymatic ingredient solutions also add the right nutrient levels at the right time, resulting in a reduction of stress-induced congeners and sustained yeast vitality.

Explore the science behind distillation

The alchemic process of distillation is both a science and an ancient art inspired by nature. Through this process, liquid is transformed into a vapor with heat and then condensed back into a liquid. Like making spirits, how a recipe comes together in the lab requires both science and art in equal measures, combined with human ingenuity. From supplying enzymes for more sustainable processing to ensuring your security of supply, the Food Ingredient team at Univar Solutions can help your distillery select the highest-quality ingredients. Let us help your next batch become a commercial success.

Novonesis and Univar Solutions bring healthier, sustainable biosolutions to support spirit makers and distillers around the world.

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