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Enzyme solutions to enhance dairy and plant-based milk beverages

Enzyme solutions for dairy and plant-based milk beverages

Novonesis’ lactase enzymes convert lactose into two easily digestible sugars, glucose and galactose—allowing organizations to develop products with lactose-free and fiber-enriched claims.

These dairy enzymatic solutions can also enhance the sweetness and develop reduced sugar formulations, or they can help reduce sugar directly without reformulation. Both result in a healthier choice for consumers without compromising on sweetness.

Why use enzymes in brewing?

Enzymes are natural catalysts that speed up critical steps in the brewing process. Going beyond traditional beer boundaries, enzymes can help brewers innovate by creating new tastes and claims, maintaining consistent production and developing premium offerings.

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Enzymes have been a natural part of brewing for thousands of years. Today’s brewers are using enzymes to experiment with new tastes and meet claims for wellness and environmentally conscious consumers. As a beverage solution, enzymes help beverage producers achieve consistently high beer quality and improve sustainability through cost reduction and optimized production processes.

Craft Brewing

Small and independent brewers can tap brewing enzymes from Novonesis to refine and stabilize a better brew, targeting specific reactions that optimize results.

Cereal Cooking

Enzymes are a flexible, cost-effective solution for brewers to bypass traditional techniques for a simpler, faster cereal cooking/mashing process and more consistent liquefaction.

Separation & Filtration

Increase efficiency and time in wort separation and beer filtration. Maximize brewhouse yield, quality and capacity. Enzymes can help support these key brewing parameters.

Attenuation Control

Specific attenuation levels are important to produce certain styles of beer. Enzymes help create highly attenuated beers and manage attenuation fluctuations due to deficiencies in raw materials.

Raw Material Optimization

With enzymes, it’s possible to brew a great beer by leveling out the differences in crop quality and increasing efficiencies in the brewing process (less energy, less water).

Fermentation Control

Brewing with enzymes supports fermentation control, enabling consistent and higher levels of free amino nitrogen (FAN) growth, which results in a better tasting, better-quality beer.

Diacetyl Control

To support the flavor profile of a final beer, enzymes prevent diacetyl forming during fermentation. Controlling diacetyl can help reduce cellar costs and maturation times, improving product quality and throughput.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I deal with poor quality currently observed in the industry?

Ultraflo Max is a highly effective product that is a blend of xylanase and beta-glucanase that aids in separation and filtration in the lautering process to allow you to handle poor quality malt currently observed in the industry. It also aids lautering of high-gravity and adjunct grain brewing.

Is there a product that can reduce my diacetyl in my beer?

Yes, Maturex PRO is a premium Alpha-Acetolactate Decarboxylase (ALDC) that is a low use-cost and low dose to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate diacetyl formation resulting in off flavors in your beer.

How can I reduce cloudy beer?

Neutrase 0.8 BrewQ or FAN Boost are brewing proteases that are specific to reducing the presence of proteins that cause haze in your beer.

Do you have a product to increase my RDF for my low carb light beer?

Yes, Attenuzyme PRO is a blend of glucoamylase and pullulanase enzymes that work to improve the increase of RDF and provide you the opportunity for higher attenuation in your brewing process.