Healthier food and beverages on a marble table with the Foodology logo and the words "Wholesome Cravings"Healthier food and beverages on a marble table with the Foodology logo and the words "Wholesome Cravings"

Pastries, snacks, beverages, even dairy. These are the foods people crave all over the world. But just because it's a craved-for food no longer has to mean that the food itself has to be unhealthy for the person or the planet. That's where Foodology by Univar Solutions comes in. Our food scientists can help you deliver sustainable and nutrient-dense, functional products.

Our Wholesome innovations can help you deliver the next winning recipe!

Mindful nutrition and healthy eating

The secret to enjoying a healthy diet is balance, and in particular, satisfying cravings for indulgent treats while delivering healthy nutrition. Focusing on a healthy diet and reducing consumption of products high in fat, salt, and sugar have been dominant trends for many decades.

With existing global insecurities and economic pressures and uncertainties, communities are experiencing elevated levels of stress. Today's consumer base is ever-mindful of the importance of wellness and good nutrition and their impact on holistic health. The human response to difficult times is to seek out everyday treats that will spark a smile and dampen anxieties. The "mindful nutritionist" is therefore seeking wholesome choices that satisfy cravings for comfort foods and indulgence.

Incorporation of well-chosen, functional ingredients such as prebiotics, fibers, proteins, and sodium alternatives into bakery, dairy, and beverage products can help deliver an improved nutritional profile, while promoting gut and immune health. Our Wholesome Cravings concept can help create products that will make consumers smile inside and out.

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