Clean dishes sit on a rack in the kitchen of a restarauntClean dishes sit on a rack in the kitchen of a restaraunt

Univar Solutions is the proud distributor of enzymes by Novonesis, a world leader in bioinnovation in the homecare and industrial cleaning spaces. Together, we offer a portfolio of automatic and hand dishwash products designed for improved performance and clean living. Made with renewable and biodegradable ingredients, these products leverage the power of biology, offering a more sustainable solution for brands focused on cleaner labels.  

Complete the cleaning cycle through biotechnology

Novonesis offers a suite of multi-enzyme products that help deliver on the performance claims consumers care about most. Whether it's adding scrubbing power or helping improve cleaning efficiency during shorter cycles to conserve energy and resources, these all-in-one solutions offer premium performance by optimizing both formulations and operations. Explore Novonesis' range of biotechnologies shaping the future of clean.

Enzyme solutions for dishwashing detergents


Like ice on a frozen lake, enzymes used in automatic dishwashing (ADW) detergent quickly and gently crack apart complex soils. These ingredients derived from nature work to break down proteins and other food soils, making it easier for consumers to remove stubborn food residue. Since Novonesis' enzymes are effective in water-rich detergents, they are a simple yet powerful match for any automatic dishwashing brand looking to offer effective performance that completes the cleaning cycle more effectively and efficiently. 

Meet consumer demands with a sustainable, gentler formula

Consumers today have greater expectations of ADW detergents. Not only do consumers demand excellent performance on the toughest soils under typical conditions, but they also desire the same of shorter and cooler cleaning cycles. A detergent with protease and amylase enzymes has proven to excel in cooler and shorter cycles well above non-enzymatic detergent and can fully deliver on eco-friendly performance claims.

Less scrubbing, more cleaning performance and staying power

Although the consumer mindset is shifting toward sustainability, performance is still the number one demand when it comes to handwashing dishes. Biodegradable, renewable enzymes meet these needs and improve performance on stubborn stains by more than 35% according to data from Novonesis. Bioinnovative technology can also cut down on soaking time and scrubbing effort while improving on dishwashing detergents' effectiveness.

Did you know:

Enzymes can cut down on soaking time. A 15-minute soak with an enzymatic dish liquid is more than three (3x) times as effective as the same soak with a non-enzymatic one.

Clean living benefits using nature's formula

Enzymatic solutions for worry-free cleaning after every meal:
  • Better performance through biology (excellent synergy between amylase and protease enzymes)
  • Greater stability and flexibility for effective, yet gentle cleaning
  • Reduced soaking and scrubbing time

Rethink dishwashing with Novonesis. 

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