I&I Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Ingredients on an Industrial Scale

Advantages of a reliable distributor

With the diverse needs of today’s cleaning landscape, we know how crucial it is to produce cleaning products that exceed provisions such as safety precautions, environmental regulations and heightened public awareness of health and hygiene. To meet these demands, most companies have to juggle everal distributor relationships, manage multiple orders and keep up with several different deadlines to get each component they need. At Univar Solutions we work side-by-side with our customers to provide the solutions they need to produce a high-performing product. Whether it be formulation assistance, material sourcing or product certification guidance, our team is here to simplify your chemical needs into one phone call. 

Segments we serve:

  • Institutional and catering
  • Technical cleaning
  • vehicle and machinery
  • Food and beverage

Getting your products to market efficiently

Sanitation is urgent during this critical time and many companies are looking to get disinfectants to the market as quickly as possible. Our team of dedicated Home & Industrial Cleaning experts are backed with a broad portfolio of products including materials for disinfectants and anti-microbials to help you deliver a reliable product. With seasoned experts and innovation labs across the globe, we are here to help you at every step of your product development journey. From material sourcing and bulk deliveries to formulation and EPA registration guidance, we partner with you to make sure your products get to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Safer ingredients for a SaferChoice

More and more, major retailers are taking action to ensure that the products on their shelves don’t contain ingredients that are harmful to their customers. Consumers are no longer choosing products based on brand name alone, they are looking to the ingredient list to select their products.

Univar Solutions offers a broad portfolio of products that are listed in the CleanGredients® database that can be used in a variety of household, institutional, and industrial cleaning applications. Partnering with industry leading suppliers ensures that we offer the most innovative and reliable chemistries on the market that are back by transparent and proven technologies.

Your choice for chemical and blending needs

Being able to access the right products when you need them can mean the difference between success and failure. At Univar Solutions, our industry expertise and diverse product offerings allow us to provide a one-stop-shop resource for all of your chemical and blending needs. From specialty ingredients to commodity components, our technical services and private fleet allow for product customization, savings on transportation cost and reliance on a single source to provide all of your diverse product requirements.