Soap suds on a car windshield with the words "Time to Shine, Cleaner cars for a cleaner world"Soap suds on a car windshield with the words "Time to Shine, Cleaner cars for a cleaner world"
Formulation Kit

Ingredient innovations for automatic car wash soaps and tunnel wash cleaning systems

The average automatic car wash takes up to five minutes and when the clock is running, every solution counts. When time is the enemy, the only thing that makes up for it is a product that can get the job done efficiently, effectively, and without doing harm to the planet. Saving time and money with a line of products that can promise a true, deep clean that looks and feels detail-quality. That's where Univar Solutions comes in.

When it's Time to Shine cars leave clean, people leave pleased, and the planet has one less thing to worry about.

What's driving the future of car wash cleaning? Discover streak-free and sustainable car wash soaps and concentrates for auto car care and tunnel wash systems.

Cleaning formulations for automatic car wash products

Combining the latest chemistries and ingredient technologies from premier suppliers in the automotive cleaning industry, our complete product line is specifically designed to meet a wide range of car cleaning application needs:

Sustainable car wash solutions and ingredient technologies

Going automatic for an eco-friendly car wash experience

More than eight million cars are washed through car washes every day. That's a lot of water and cleaning chemicals. The products you use have to work down to the last streak-free swipe and fall in line with the industry regulations and regional water municipality standards. So, what do you do when there are so many different considerations to take into account for optimal cleaning ingredient selections? You go with what works best, what's best for the planet, and what makes you and the customer happy.

Our Automatic Car Wash Kit includes concentrate formulas featuring eco-friendly ingredients and sustainable alternatives for your automotive wash products. As a sustainability leader in the chemicals and ingredients distribution space, we can deliver all your raw ingredient and formula optimization needs. Working with premium ingredient suppliers to help you select sustainable options, we'll work with you to achieve product commercialization and success as your sustainable cleaning distribution partner.

If you are a cleaning brand going greener, Univar Solutions is your source for bringing cleaning technologies and innovations forward. Our specialty ingredient solutions promote product performance improvements and sustainability benefits to support your ESG goals. 

Tunnel car wash systems vary in design, but they all share 5 common factors for effective car cleaning.

How a tunnel car wash works: From operations to cleaning factors

The first precursor of the modern tunnel car wash business began with an automatic conveyor car wash that used workers to soap and dry the vehicles. A year later, the first hands-free automatic car wash business started using machines to do the work. Since then, technological advancements such as foam brushes, soft cloth applicators, and modern touchless car washes have made tunnel car wash systems more efficient and less abrasive for vehicle paintwork.

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What is Tunnel Car Wash Cleaning? Car Care Products and Ingredient Solutions

Stay ahead of sustainability in the industrial cleaning market with Univar Solutions

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